A builder has made 10 buildings comprising of around 115 flats in total and have sold out all these flats. He has not made Gardens/children park/garage/drainage system/appropriate sanitation provisions/health club/library etc as stated in the agreement. Most of the flat owners are average low middle class service men cannot dare to fight against the builder coz of his lobby with politicians nor the builder is ready to do anything. Also to before construction of this building the builder need to take clearance from Navy coz the area is under flying zone which is also not obtained in few cases. Despite of all the above loopholes Govt. Authorities like Planning & Development Authority, Health Department, Electricity Dept., PWD and many more never bothered to inspect the said area before issuing them Occupancy/electricity/water etc.

Is there any Organisation who can survey the place, find out the all the non-compliance as per the Law set and fight for the residents here. One move by any Organisation will open eye of all other builders and Govt Authorities before they commit a second Unlawful Activity.