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    Basics of Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are there from long term but recently we have seen a significant growth in number of new funds. It is because now more and more people are opting for Mutual Funds as part of their portfolio. And because of their nature of providing return in a safer way, they are becoming even more popular. Currently, there are many thousands of funds available in the market and choosing the right fund can be real daunting task even for any experienced investor. Then what about those who are there just for convenient investment and don't want to have the hassle of understanding fundamental of stocks or don't want to research extensively in stock market and hence looking upon mutual funds. Here, certainly mutual funds are safer bet for them but one should understand that there is no investment where there is no risk, same applies to MFs(mutual funds). But if one tries to follow simple guidelines then investment in mutual funds can get real simple.

    Before going into details, I must explain little about Mutual funds here.

    What are Mutual Funds

    In simple explanation, they are basically funds those are invested by fund management companies in various kind of investment which includes stocks, bonds, real state and more. However, generally they are invested in stocks and bonds. To explain further, the mutual funds act ...

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