Here is the list of House mates who appeared in BigBoss

Baba Sehgal
India`s most well-known pop-star, Baba Sehgal is credited with pioneering several diverse and challenging genres in the Indi-pop scene including Rap, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Reggae & Calypso. He has also promoted many a reputed brands and staged many a concerts.

Roopali Ganguly

She is a fun person who loves people. She loves singing, playing cards and eating chocolates everyday. She loves animals and feels there should be a law prohibiting people having pets when they do not care for them. In fact, she thinks those who don`t like animals are abnormal.

One of her friends, she insists, lives with a ghost! She cannot cook to save her life but is obsessed about cleanliness and believes strongly that all domestic help should be treated well.

Deepak Parashar,

has been a popular model and actor (49 serials, 83 movies and 7,000 fashion shows) and is a very familiar face among TV viewers.

Rahul Roy

He was 24 when he did Ashiqui. He is 40 now. Nothing great happened in between. His biggest contribution to the film industry and the public was his hairstyle. Several films and serials later Rahul decided to turn producer, but Lady Luck was not willing to smile on him. He returned to films after a break of 6 years.

Ravi Kisshen

The superstar of Bhojpuri films was better known as the man in Nagma`s life until recently. Now he plans to meditate on his past in this three-month break.

This man from Jaunpur, Bihar, is married and is a father of three. Starting his acting career in Ram leelas in his village, he has struggled in Bollywood for 16 years before Bhojpuri films came to his rescue. This believer of Lord Shiva claims to have conversations with him!

Anupama Verma

She is the lovely model with the stunning and fragile looks. What is this Delhi girl with an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing doing in Bigg Boss?

Anupama was discovered by Ad-man - Shantanu Sheorey when she was only in Class IX. Her first modelling assignment was with none other than Shekhar Kapur for Digjam suiting and since then, she has never looked back.

Modelling, music videos and films have been a way of life for this ex-Channel V VJ. She has acted in Grahan opposite Jackie Shroff and was recently seen in Padmashree Lalloo Prasad Yadav.

Ragini Shetty (Abhijatha Umesh - real name)

Abhijatha is 24 years old and has been working as a production assistant for the last three years. “She is into writing scripts and wants to make a film. She has also done modelling (Orbit chewing gum and some Tamil commercials that aired on Chennai Doordarshan).

Rakhi Sawant
She needs no introduction. Gossip and controversy follows her wherever she goes. Her `Mikka controversy` took over all newspaper headlines and made news on every television channel. She claims to be an item girl who should be allowed to wear clothes that she is comfortable in when she dances.
Rakhi is a true believer in God and intends carrying pictures of her favorite gods Jesus and Ganpati to the Bigg Boss house.

Aryaan Vaid
He is the hunk that most women want to chase. Few know that this ex-chef of Hotel Leela ran his own catering business before he surprised all with his Mr India and Mr International titles. In fact he even worked as a flight purser with Sahara Airlines!
A fitness freak, and a state-level badminton champion, Aryan loves his daily workouts. He rates himself as a very good singer and loves karaoke bars. He loves branded items and even buys second-hand shoes from foreigners.
So how is this man, who hates liars, is not fond of animals, and is very selective about his friends.

Bobby Darling

Bobby Darling isn`t always a darling. She ran away from home at a very young age and travelled all over the world with a boyfriend. She was holed up in Moscow for three months for not having valid visa papers. It was her religious side that helped her get through those trying times.

Extremely ambitious by nature, Bobby has landed roles in Bollywood by sheer grit and today is the proud owner of two apartments in Mumbai. Not a bad achievement for one who started off as a bar dancer!
She loves to spend her free time grooming herself, watching television and movies.

Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias is a real foodie. She may have to befriend chef Aryan Vaid in order to survive in the Bigg Boss house. They seem to have a lot in common. Like him ghosts spook her. She is afraid of darkness particularly in unfamiliar surroundings.
She hates cats, loves dogs, hates being woken up from her beauty sleep, enjoys intellectual discussions, and enjoys her drink and smoke.
Does not mind sharing space and controversies around ‘clothes malfunction’, but she is very private about her emotions.

Kashmera Shah

Is an outdoor person. So what is she going to do cooped up inside this mansion? That too without her cats and dog. She is an animal lover and will not entertain a non-animal lover in her space.
She is a cleanliness and control freak. She is scared of ghosts, but loves to scare others too.
A self-made person, she left home when she was barely 16 with just Rs 250 in her pocket. This ex-model and beauty queen has earned well for herself. Her forthcoming film Pappu Pass Ho Gaya is ready for release. It`s worth watching how this impulsive spender is going to earn her keep.

Salil Ankola

The cricketer-cum-model-cum actor, has become a household name after the popular serial Kora Kagaz where he acted opposite Renuka Shahane. Soon followed the action-show he did for Sony Entertainment Television where the suave actor also performed some daring stunts.
Between television and occasional films, Salil has kept himself busy. Reserved and a complete no-nonsense person, Salil says there`s a side to him that very few people know.

Amit Sadh

Who has acted in serials like Kyun Hota Hai Pyar and Kohinoor, is confident of being in the Bigg Boss house for three full months. Three months seem a long time, especially without girlfriend Neeru but Amit is all for fun and the excitement that will be a part of the show. So let's wait and watch how Amit really sets the house on fire!
He finds the show very exciting, thrilling and a once in lifetime experience.

Deepak Tijori

Started his career as a supporting actor in the film Aashiqui (1990), enacting the role of Rahul Roy’s friend. Since then he has appeared as a supporting actor in several successful films. We have seen him as Shakti in Dil (1990), Gotya in Sadak (1991), Shekhar Malhotra in Jo jeeta wohi sikandar (1992). Though, he does not have many films to his credit, he has certainly proved that he has great ability as an actor. He has also proved his mettle as a director, producer and a writer helming films like Tom, Dick and Harry (2006) and Fareb (2005).