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7 Tips To Get Glowing skin in 5 minutes!


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    Fashion Freak
    Fashion Freak is offline Just in!

    7 Tips To Get Glowing skin in 5 minutes!

    Try out these very easy to use recipies for glow on skin:

    1.Just apply some pure honey and keep it for 5 min and wash it off your skin will b glowing fresh and smooth.

    2.Mix honey with lemon jucie....apply on your skin for 5 minutes...your skin will be great !

    3.Daily cleansing, toning, moisturising and sun protection will also keep your skin soft ,supple and glowing.

    4.Drink a lot of water daily.Water is something that keeps your complete system fine and allows proper hydration of cells so that skin does not wrinkle.

    5.Maltani mitti with chandan powder face pack/mask helps in controlling pimples and keeps skin clear.

    6. Apply an ice cube on face once or twice a day. It acts as a toner of sorts that helps close pores.

    7. In case ur open pores secrete oil too then apply pack of multani mitti mixed with curd for drying but if ur not old enough to have wrinkles on ur face avoid drying,remove it before it is dry with gentle scrubbing.

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    Priya Jain
    Priya Jain is offline eTI Member
    Hi Fashion Freak!!!!

    can you please suggest ways to get of oily skin, i have a oily skin, and i have tried many solutions but i unable of get rid of this.
    waiting for your response!!!!

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    Jay's Avatar
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    Hmmmm may be i have solution for u Priya ! you have to wash your face 4-5 time in a day b't only two times with soap and remain time you should used clear water , you should take steam 2 or 3 times in a week it 'll help you so much. Don't try any other thing on your face especially lemon it's make your face complexion dark. For better result you should ask from skin experts.

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    emilesmith is offline Just in!
    All the tips are really nice....thanks for sharing with us

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    sagarikanm is offline Newbie
    These are really very helpful tips.. Thank you so much for sharing them

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    manojbhagat is offline eTI Iron
    Hey fashion freak,
    All the tips are awesome and natural i will must try it.....thank you for sharing with us.......

  7. Advert.

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    sanjanamehra is offline Just in!
    Take some Multani Mitti, mix water, then some honey, after that some turmeric powder, mix, apply on face, let it cool and then rinse off for clean and glowing skin.

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    rudra pratap
    rudra pratap is offline Newbie
    Great tips to make skin glow and shiny. I heard about honey that it is a perfect solution for healthy skin.

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    ashrafa is offline eTI Iron
    Heyyyyyy thnxxxx a lottt for sharing such a great and useful tips..

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    shinasehgal is offline eTI Member
    very useful tips thanks that you shared with us. i will definitely follow these tips

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    Radhikas is offline eTI Member
    All tips are informative and useful. thank you for sharing such valuable tips.

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    BercasioJhen is offline Just in!
    One of the best one way to glow skin Use high quality skin products made to give you glowing skin. eye rid Serum specifically to give you skin a healthy glow.

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    Radhikas is offline eTI Member
    I would like to suggest some tips for skin.

    1. Exfoliate your face gently.
    2. Pour some toner onto some cotton batting.
    3. Apply a good moisturizer with natural oils.
    4. Avoid taking long, hot showers.
    5. Eat garlic.

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    Julie Pecson
    Julie Pecson is offline Just in!
    Dermalmd glowing serum is amazing for get glowing skin naturally and trust me I am impressed with my skin and I think that my skin is becoming more supple and glowing.

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