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Best way to increase your stamina ?


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    Best way to increase your stamina ?

    Hello everyone !

    I want to increase my stamina b't m unable to find best way to increase it. So is there anyone who could give me better solution for it. ? I want perfect result so plz giv some best solution which could really help me to increase my stamina. Thnx in advance !!

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    You need practice and hardwork. Do intense exercise and you will slowly gain stamina.
    Why you think you need to increase stamina, how you know you have weak stamina ?

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    Coz m unable to workout at a long period and i can't even run 1 km continuously ! So that i get to know my stamina is so weak !

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    Royal41 is offline Just in!
    Daily exercise is a best way ti increase your stamina.

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    sagarikanm is offline Newbie
    Ya right exercise is the only and the best solution.

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    smita.me1 is offline Just in!
    Start some form of exercise - walking, jogging or running and keep on increasing. even i am trying to increase my stamina hence walk everyday for abou 35-40 mins.

  7. Advert.

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    vjykmr89 is offline Just in!
    Do excercises that get your heart rate up fast, and do the set rep as long as you can. I like squats, keep your heals flat and back straight as you go down into a sitting position. Work through legs, hips and abs, as you go down and up, 20-25 usuaully gets the burn going pretty good. Pushups are always good in between doing caridio and excercises that target your large muscle groups and your core, meaning abs and hips

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    Why do you think your suggested methods will increase stamina, it is very simple, do light exercises with high number of reps.

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    arvindrao15 is offline eTI Iron
    One suggestion that i would like to give you is never use lift to to go up.
    Always climb up through stairs.That too by running.I have my office at the 10th floor and home at the 7th,so daily i climb 27 floors and that too by running.While coming back home i also have my office bag and tiffin which adds to the weight.
    This should be done along with the regular excersise and it will help for sure.

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    rohit1 is offline eTI Member
    Daily exercise is the best way to increase stamina.

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    manojbhagat is offline eTI Iron
    Hey jay,

    I would like to share some healthful tips with you i hope you will like that,
    Stamina is the energy you spend within your limits to withstand a work for a long period.

    Choose an exercise or group of exercises you will use to build your stamina. According to an exercise guide published by NASA, if you want to build stamina in general, you can participate in any exercise that increases your heart and breathing rate, such as running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope or working out on aerobic exercise machines. If you want to build stamina for a particular sport, perform exercises that emulate the motions you perform while playing that sport.

    Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day of the week if possible. The more vigorous the exercise sessions, the more benefit you'll get from them. Break up your 30 minute sessions into three ultra-intense 10-minute sessions with a short rest in between each one. Push yourself to the absolute limit during each session.

    Warm up before each exercise session with lighter versions of the exercise you will be doing. For example, warm up with a five-minute walk before running. Cool down similarly after each exercise session.

    Consume beetroot juice to further enhance your stamina. According to a British study carried out at the University of Exeter and published in the "Journal of Applied Physiology," men who consumed 500 ml of beetroot juice per day increased their stamina by 16 percent compared to when they drank a placebo.
    Donít masturbate. Finest examples of such food are: Oats, horse grams etc.

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