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Fix qualifications for representatives of People


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    Fix qualifications for representatives of People

    Degrading standards of Indian politics are cause of concern but nothing has been done in last 64 years to raise standard of Indian politics. Therefore, it is deteriorating day by day.
    As a matter of fact anyone who fulfills little requirements can contest elections and can become people's representative. This practice should be stopped by electoral reforms. Election commission should also set qualifications for those who wish to contest elections. In fact politics is most serious job for any nation but in our country it has become target of hatred.
    Election commission should conduct nationwide exam for those who wish to contest elections. The exam should be like civil services exams conducted by UPSC, though no minimum qualification should be there but it should be three layer examination. For general studies a paper like preliminary exams should be conducted and after that knowledge of constitution, political studies, international relations, international trade, economics and Indian economy,geography and sociology should be tested in main examination. Social services can be taken as project work. All those who score 80% and above should be declared qualified to contest election.
    It doesn't mean that those who are declared qualified will become people's representatives but if they wish to contest they can. Without clearing a national exam no one should be allowed to contest elections and become people's representative. This idea if bought by election commission will serve the nation a lot.

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    And do you think they will allow this kind of initiative ? I hope you have not forgotten Lokpal, they will not do anything (the politicians / on Govt or in opposition) which will actually bar them from election.

    This suggestion has been around from long in one or other form but why do you think no body took it to SANSAD BHAWAN ?

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