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Virtual Poverty - Is India really poor or its a properous country ?


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    Sanket Jain
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    Virtual Poverty - Is India really poor or its a properous country ?

    Virtual Poverty- A Change in Perspective!

    Well nigh all the nations term India as a destitute nation. This is a fallacy in true terms. Currently the conundrum is poverty. Instead of becoming aware we are tagging ourselves in a credulous situation. The thing is that poverty is ubiquitous in whole India, but this is a virtual consequence. The actual thing is behind the path! Actually India is an unassailable target in terms of monetary matters. In a way we are the richest it seems. The story if understood in true terms could be a perfect epitome of zeal! Analyze and foster all that you have and there you are. The money spent on general elections in India can quake the economics of entire world. The proportion allotted for this sector from candidates is considerably quite colossal than that of other nations. Any other nation is not in a condition to afford such a huge expenditure, then on what accounts is India a poor nation? Actually crores of rupees are spent on local level elections. This money is sufficient to remove the extremely embarrassing tagline of poverty. But very few have identified this virtual money. Corruption is another big hindrance to change this virtual money to true money. Here lies the counterpoint. Moreover there are a lot of villages in India and the money spent is very large in true terms and any nation who criticizes us is unaware on Indian monetary power it seems. Despite of facing a ramshackle we are back on path and this claims the power of India. Reducing the expenditure on elections and changing the manifold stream could be the biggest achievement. But contribution is expected on a large scale. So donít make up your mind on issues created by other nations. Instead succor the nation in true terms and bring back this virtual money as true money and change the customary tasks. Just get acquainted with nation and stop corruption! Remember the audacious acts of our revolutionaries and act as a patriotic citizen rather than perfidious citizen.

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    Ayushi.G is offline eTI Member
    Nation doesn't make people, it is people who make a nation. Thus, we must realize and accept that if our Nation is know for corruption today, then it is not the country or government to be blamed, but we the people. If each one of us pledge today that we will give up all corrupt practices and withstand to the faith and trust of our martyrs, they bestowed on us; in no time we shall gain back the lost respect in the eyes of the world.

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