Throwing Out Negativity

When: Every night before sleeping.
Duration: 1 hour

Step 1: Go Bananas!
Go to your room, close off the room, beat the pillow, stand before a mirror, shout at your own image. Say things that you have never said to anybody and always wanted to say. But it has to be a private phenomenon.

So the moment you feel any negative emotion about anybody...that other person is not the question. The question is that you have a certain energy of anger. Now, that energy has to be diffused into the universe. You are not to repress it within yourself.
So whenever I say, “Express,” I always mean privately, in your aloneness. It is a meditation, it is not a fight.

Sit on your bed and do all kinds of crazy things that you wanted to do, that people do when they are angry, violent, destructive. And it does not mean that you have to be destructive to very valuable things; just tearing papers into small bits and throwing them all over.... Destroy anything, it can be valueless.

Step 2: Apologize
If you want to do something in can go to the person you were angry with and tell him, “I have been, in private, angry with you. I shouted at you, I abused you, I said ugly things to you; please forgive me. But it was all done in privacy, because it was my problem; it has nothing to do with you. But in a certain way it was directed at you, and you are not aware of it; hence an, apology is needed.”

This has to be done in public. That will help people to help each other.

Don’t wash your dirty linen in public places. There is no need. Why unnecessarily involve other people? Why unnecessarily create an image of yourself as ugly?