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What are two good reasons to exercise your right to vote?


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    What are two good reasons to exercise your right to vote?

    As we all have the right to vote but didn't know how to make our vote count. I want to know what would be the top most two reasons that we should exercise to make our vote count.


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    Anand mohan
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    Hi anuj,
    Here, are the two reasons to vote which i would prefer:

    1. If you do not like who is in office or who is running then by voting, and if you live in the India by voting you may be able to get those you least desire out of office and add more seats in senate for a balance. Soldiers died to keep India free although that freedom seems to be waning little by little we should vote even if it means voting between the lesser of two evils

    2.The right to complain. Many people feel that if you do not make your voice be heard when it matters, you do not have the right to complain later. If you feel strongly on certain issues, such as social security or abortion, than you need to look for the candidate that best fits your views.

    These, are my views.

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