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Problem with Credit card automatic bill payment for Airtel from ICICI bank


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    Problem with Credit card automatic bill payment for Airtel from ICICI bank

    Now, most of the working proffessionals do prefer to have a Credit Card for their use. But, i suppose that each one of them would face some of their bad experience, one of my them I would like to share with all of you , i personally have two credit cards one with the ICICI bank and the another was of Bharti Airtel in Kerala. I am sharing this so that my bad experience may guide others in avoiding what I did. Some three years ago, I acquired a credit card from ICICI Bank since I have an account with the bank. I had asked the credit card department of ICICI Bank to pay my Airtel Landline bill only on presentation of my bill by Airtel. This was quite convenient since I was rid of keeping track of such payments. However, in Sep 2012, I suddenly found that my credit card was charged Rs. 1750.00 three times for a total of Rs. 5250. I protested to ICICI Bank. They exonorated themselves saying that I must have authorized the payments because only with the card's CVV and 3D Secure PIN these transactions could have been made. I made it clear that I did not use the card to make these payments, but they would not believe me.

    Now, you all were thinking i should have make a complaint in Airtel also, I do complained also to Airtel. They took their own time but now acknowledge that one payment was indeed taken from my credit card and they would give me credit for this amount. I am still fighting for the other two payments, and if necessary, I will go the full course of legal and/or quasi legal avenues to get back my money. I want to alert my friends that they SHOULD NEVER AUTHORIZE automatic debit of their cards from mercahants such as Electricity boards, Telecom companies, Insurance payments, etc., etc. They should set up reminders for these payments and carry out these on their own. This way they can avoid the kind of problem that I am facing.

    Please make sure that the bank or merchants don't really care for customers, they have the resources to stall things endlessly, nor will they willingly acknowledge their mistakes.


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    This is an old post, I just noticed. However for anyone else facing similar problem, in such cases they can simply ask receiving party to refund amount.

    In above case the client had AUTHORIZED automatic debit , it means on each month, his bill would be paid without his intervention. But by some mistake he was charged thrice for same amount. In banking it is not easy to do such frauds, specially when its about big companies like Airtel, which is receiving party.

    So can easily ask them to refund as you only authorized to pay once a month, they can't just charge on their will anytime.

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