Mangalore is very famous for its sea food and snacks.. There are many restaurants in Mangalore city where u can enjoy very tasty and delicious food, drinks and desserts.. U can also enjoy different varieties of ice cream in the ice cream parlours,as Mangalore is very famous for ice creams..

Some of the best places to Dine in…
Chef Restaurant - is the leading restaurant in Mangalore which offers various kinds of food like veg, non-veg and Chinese… there are two branches one in Attavar and the other in Kadri.

Gajalee sea food Restaurant- Offers delicious non-veg food and also sea food like fish, prawns and crabs..Located in Kadri

Diners Paradise- Again for both veg and non-veg located opposite to city hospital..

Danish restaurant- One of my favourite restaurant.. serves Indian, Arabic and Chinese food..Located in Kankanady.
Palkhi fine dine- One of the best restaurant… Offers delicious spicy veg and non veg food at reasonable price..

Suman sagar-Serves pure veg Indian food.. located in Kankanady

Shiv sagar-Serves very tasty and delicious veg food …Bunts hostel

Famous Ice cream parlours of Manglore
Ideal ice cream parlour---Hampankatta, Kodialbail
Hangyo ice cream parlour-Mallikatte
Cherry square parlour- Bendoorwell
Natural ice cream parlour—This is one of my favorite parlour..They serve ice creams made only from fruits, dry fruits, chocolate, milk and sugar..Here u can enjoy different type of flavours like guava, jamun, jackfruit, tender coconut, custard apple etc..which is hard to resist…