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How to make spring roll?


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    Sonam Rathee
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    How to make spring roll?

    i like so much to spring roll but i don't know how to make spring roll ? because i love it . The spring roll so spicy and so tasty . you know i eat this spring roll . please help me how to make spring roll ?.

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    hi, i'm not a expert but I think i can help you out here.

    Here are the ingredients you're gonna need.

    Onion thinly sliced 1 medium
    Spring onions thinly sliced 2
    Carrots cut into thin strips 2 medium
    Green capsicum cut into thin strips 1 medium
    Cabbage finely shredded 1/2 small
    Oil 2 table spoon
    Salt to taste
    White pepper powder 1/4 teaspoon
    Soy sauce 1 tablespoon
    Bean sprouts 3/4 cup
    Spring onion greens chopped 2 stalks
    Cornflour/ corn starch 1 tablespoon

    Procedure :

    Step 1
    -To make the stuffing, heat 2 tbsps oil in a non stick wok. Add onion, spring onions, carrots, capsicum, cabbage and salt and toss.
    Step 2
    -Add pepper powder and soy sauce and mix. Add bean sprouts and spring onion greens and mix. Cook till the vegetables soften. Step 3
    -Take the wok off the heat and set aside to cool. Heat sufficient oil in a wok. Make a paste of cornflour with 2 tbsps water. Step 4
    -Spread the spring roll wrappers on the work top. Divide the stuffing into 10 portions and place a portion on one side of each wrapper. Fold in the edges and roll tightly.
    Step 5
    -Apply cornflour paste to open end and seal. Keep the rolls under a damp cloth. Gently slide into the hot oil and deep fry till golden and crisp.
    Step 6
    -Drain on absorbent paper. Cut into smaller pieces and serve.

    it will take around 30 mins for everything to get ready. hope it helps

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Here is the recipe :

    Ingredients for Vegetable Spring Rolls

    10 to 12 spring roll wrappers

    1/4 cup of cabbage, shredded

    1/4 cup of carrots, thinly sliced

    1/4 cup of green bell peppers, finely chopped

    1/4 cup of onions, thinly sliced

    1 teaspoon of grated ginger

    salt and black pepper to taste

    flour paste - 3 tablespoons plain flour/maida dissolved in 1/4 cup water

    oil for deep frying

    Method for Vegetable Spring Rolls

    Heat a tablespoon of oil in a wok on high heat. Add in the cabbage, carrots, onions, ginger and green bell peppers. Saute the vegetables on high heat, until lightly softened.

    Stir in the salt and black pepper and transfer to a another bowl. Allow the mixture to cool completely.

    Place each square spring roll wrapper on a flat surface. Apply a little flour paste along the edges of the wrapper. Place a tablespoon of the filling on one corner/edge of the wrapper.

    Fold in from the filled corner and begin rolling until you reach the center. When you reach the center, fold the ends arising from the center.

    At this stage apply the flour paste again on the edges and roll until you reach the end. Make sure the edges are sealed well. The flour paste is important as it helps to seal the spring rolls so they don't open up when deep fried.

    Repeat the same process and proceed to make the rest of the spring rolls.

    Preheat the oil for deep frying; add in a few rolls at a time and deep fry on medium heat until golden brown in color.

    Serve the Vegetable Spring Rolls as a party snack along with a sweet and spicy chilli sauce

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    thanks for the recipe. looking forward for more. will surely try this today

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