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Raw and real Video of attack of Tiger at Delhi Zoo on Youth Maqsood (a student)


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    Raw and real Video of attack of Tiger at Delhi Zoo on Youth Maqsood (a student)

    This is one of the saddest incident happened ,a day which was fun for this youth turned into his last day. Now real videos are going viral on internet. You can see there was plenty of time to save this guy but no official, no people showed presence of mind to scare away tiger from him, all were just shouting, if they had some ladder or bamboo or anything, could have saved his life easily.

    From times of India:
    Eyewitnesses TOI spoke to said he sat frightened inside the moat for about 10 minutes before Vijay, the tiger, attacked him. While Praveen, a guard, called his seniors on the wireless immediately, many things could have been done in the minutes before the tiger attacked.

    See these video, you can find it yourself:

    Another video :

    I guess it was bad day for the youth , tiger was first hesitant but since he was showing sign of fear, he started playing with him and eventually strangled him to death. He said to be student and was only 20 years old.

    This incident happened on 24th September when he was mauled to death.
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    That is really sad incident. Lots of things could have been done but alas, he lost his life.


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