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How to get good marks in baord examination.


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    nayrasingh23 Guest

    How to get good marks in baord examination.

    hi friends... i am pursuing 12th board and i am very tensed for my result, so anyone can tell me that - how can i get good marks in my examination. please tell me.

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    shanu yadav
    shanu yadav is offline eTI Member
    Bro, I understand what you are asking, we all have been through it and now when I see back, I can clearly see that with little more effort, you can have results which you can boast for your whole life. The easiest thing to get good marks in 12th or in any course is to be punctual and never get tensed.

    Our school system is so much flawed that sometimes I wonder who designed it. Schools are good, they help us to be better human, they help us to be more social but on the other hand, it also exerts lots of pressure on pupil.

    Generally students gets in problem when they skip studies for few consecutive day and it in turn creates are never ending loop. So you are stuck behind the course. Solution is that make small targets daily, finish it no matter what, even if you have to give up your sleep. Believe me, if you have accomplished your set targets, you will get even better sleep and best day ahead.

    Also remember to avoid group studies or studying with friends, they are useful only when you need help in your assignments, wants to clear doubts after reading a chapter.. but not before that. Always study alone and when you are done, discuss with friends .

    So my advice in short is :
    1. Be punctual ie. have time for studies as well as refreshment
    2. Never get tensed, even if situation is bad, just think it that you can handle it.
    3. Never skip studies ever to avoid never ending loops
    4. Avoid group studies before completing chapters or assignments.

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    mjha3429 is offline Just in!
    Just prepare in well manner and by having a proper and scheduled study plan will lead you to get success in board examinations.

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    prabhakar is offline Just in!
    Avoid using phone to obtain good marks in board exams.

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    shanu yadav
    shanu yadav is offline eTI Member
    Quote Originally Posted by prabhakar View Post
    Avoid using phone to obtain good marks in board exams.
    And how is that possible ...?
    Can you explain ?

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    sultan khan
    sultan khan is offline Just in!
    I would suggest you that do work hard . first plan what you have done for your examination...

  7. Advert.

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    Surabhi-Doh is offline Just in!
    Value time,
    Make a time table and schedule for your studies
    and adhere to it srictly.

    If you want, outstanding results,
    get ready to work hard to the core.

    There is no substitute for Hard work

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    hemangverma is offline Newbie
    Some Tricks to get good marks in board examination

    - Make a time table which covers all the subjects.
    - Understand the topics well.
    - After completing the course, solve the sample papers of the subjects.
    - Attend class regularly
    - After completing a chapter revises it at least once a week.

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    hemangverma is offline Newbie
    Here are some tips to get marks in board examination

    - Wake as early as possible and start studying.
    - Cover all Syllabus
    - Study at least 5 hours a day.
    - Solve previous question paper
    - Prepare all your subjects before exams and do revisions work only during the gaps in exams.
    - Make a time table

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