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Why Internet/broadband in India is so costly and expensive - an analysis


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    Why Internet/broadband in India is so costly and expensive - an analysis

    Every now and then we see people outcry about FUP policies, high bandwidth prices, plans etc . for broadband in India. We see petitions, blame-game but what is the reason for all this, why its so costly here in India. What is hard in providing Gigabit internet to users on affordable prices ?

    We must need to find out what are the causes of high charges of internet bandwidth in India ..
    (so without any research and just using my limited GK, I can think of following)

    1. Limited International Bandwidth

    Is it that ISPs in India are paying a lot for international backbone, because internet is all about connectivity, if we don't have required bandwidth on international network, then we don't have internet. Do you know, Reliance jio has laid its own international backbone to support is upcoming network. If they have high international bandwidth then definitely they can provide it at cheaper rates in country.

    2. Taxes, duties and fees :

    Is that Govt. is indirectly causing all this pain in our @$$, just like Petrol price.. so much taxes and duties. It all over news that due to high spectrum prices, telecom company will increase charges. So they are increasing charges, whats wrong in that, why our govt. won't make it cheaper so that more players join in.

    3. Un-fair policies thus lesser competitions

    Again its Govt. with their stupid policies, we are one of the hardest company in the world to do business, those are not my words, I just read them regularly in newspaper, foreign telecom players can't easily enter because of absurd norms.. (remember MTS, they faced lots of trouble and they made 3G data card plans quite cheaper in India, still they are though quality issues)...

    4. Public Money Miss-use

    Again this goes to Govt. , I am sure that planners and policy deciders at MTNL, BSNL those are funded by public money even when are in loss has nothing to do with profitability and hence they don't give damn to service, plans.. I see BSNL has everything yet nothing.. Plans are super stupid, they are always presented as if I am reading a periodic table and grouping elements (Plans) on their properties.. They decide for change when its too late, they start so many things but most of them remains just announcement. You know, in my area I am yet to see any BSNL EVDO user yet it is available from ages from BSNL. So our money was wasted to create infrastructure but never publicized in order to get returns on investment.

    5. End of Monopolies

    And why the hell in India we don't have multiple ADSL providers on same copper lines as we see in developed companies, just think if BSNL can allow to provide broadband over telephone line to N numbers of player, we will automatically get cheaper BB.. but no they wont. Airtel laid their own lines but only in few cities. You know , I have BSNL broadband but its second to none.. it took me 1 year to get my bill corrected and then again 4-5 months on another case to get my line fixed. I don't think any layman can fight that much just for a stable internet connection, no wonder people are moving away from BSNL BB.

    So, my opinion is that instead of blaming private players (those are here to do business and not charity) we should ask our Govt. for all this menace.. Still most of the bureaucrats in India can not do more than making and receiving calls from their phone, I see many those can't use phonebook to save numbesr yet sitting on high designation.

    Aise Kaise bhadhega Hindustan ?

    Please add your views and comments, correct me if I am wrong.

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Wow, that is really nice , so its true that bureaucracy is hurting us and our money is being wasted on all those public sector companies. I think privatization can help. I support it.

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