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BSNL to offer Minimum speed of 2mpbs from 1st Oct 2015- ray of hope ?


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    BSNL to offer Minimum speed of 2mpbs from 1st Oct 2015- ray of hope ?

    Everybody knows that BSNL is far behind in competition because of their illogical business practices and age old bureaucratic interference. Business need business logic but BSNL practices still make us think that they believe their services are still monopoly and they can survive the way they want but its not true anymore. Gone are those days when people used to bribe or go to any extent to get landline connection and it was luxury once.

    Even with broadband, once BSNL was only broadband solution but this is not same anymore, people have better choices, reliable services and still BSNL is not changing. However, few days back BSNL announced that they will change minimum broadband speed to 2mbps which is currently 512 kbps .

    As per news :

    State-run BSNL will offer a minimum broadband speed of 2 mega bit per second (Mbps) from 1 October onwards to its customers, at no extra cost.

    The company currently offers a minimum speed of 512 Kbps and the move is part of its efforts for revival. BSNL is loosing customers in mobile as well as landline to private operators. The company lost about 1.78 crore wireless and over 20 lakh wireline subscribers between March 2014 and March 2015.

    The losses for the firm stood at Rs 7,600 crore. Given the hyper competition in the marker, BSNLís announcement may also let private operators to offer higher speed at lower cost. Sectoral regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is also expected to soon redefine the definition of broadband speed, which is currently 512 kbps.

    So, company made loss of 7600 crore, what the hell it is.. its all people's money wasted because of their incompetence. Well, change in 2mbps will not help unless they actually apply it to current 512 kbps unlimited plan like "Rs. 675 combo".

    Will be interesting to see how they handles unlimited plans, though I don't have any hope. Chances are that again they will make us fool by increasing speed but not giving any cheap unlimited plan.


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    Its nothing but just a illusion, the truth is that they will make all 512 kbps plan to have minimum speed of 2 mbps upto 1GB and I think will not apply to any 512 kbps unlimited as 2mbps unlimited, so on unlimited 512 kbps plan, it will be 2 mbps till 1 GB and after that 512 kbps.

    Pure joke.

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    It has been confirmed through reliable sources (BSNL Kolkata portal) all plans will receive 2mbps speed upto 1GB only , after that it will be again as per plan or 512 kbps. This is again height of incompetency from Government run bodies. They think that like their Bosses, Indian users can also be fooled with this fake or totally impractical 2 mbps lollipop ?

    I don't want to explain here but in simple words, giving 2mbps upto 1 GB is actually a JOKE.

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