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5 Best Push Up Variation For Spectacular Upper Body


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    5 Best Push Up Variation For Spectacular Upper Body

    Everyone is familiar with push-ups, its a basic movement we learn as kids in school, a good one for building strength and endurance especially for the upper body. Push-ups and its variations can easily incorporate with ones muscle building program

    Here some benefits to doing pushups routines:

    Is excellent in developing triceps muscles
    Develops the entire chest/pectoral region
    Works the entire shoulder/delt region
    Helps with upper back development
    Develops the obliques and serratus muscles

    Here are the Best 5 push ups You need to do regularly

    1. Incline Push Up
    2. Decline Push Up
    3. Wide Stance Push Up
    4. Close Grip or Diamond Push Up
    5. Shoulder Press Push Up

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    Anuj Lahari
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    Much needed,
    Thanks for sharing this article....

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