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Pre-requisite for game zone in navi mumbai


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    Sagar176 Guest

    Pre-requisite for game zone in navi mumbai

    Hi all,
    I am very new to business and also to this page.

    Would appreciate some suggestion on what are the pre-requisites for opening a game zone in navi Mumbai.
    1.what are the legal licenses required for opening a game zone?
    Is it different for Internet games and only lan games?
    2.is it allowed to keep ps4 for commercial use? Or we would require licenses there too?
    3.would particular games also require licenses?

    I want to get started asap. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks! Enjoy!

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    Rohit Chandra's Avatar
    Rohit Chandra
    Rohit Chandra is offline eTI Iron
    Hi Sagar,

    I hope you have seen my previous post about gaming parlour :

    To open a gaming parlour in Mumbai, you need to obtain license from Police, please see the following link for all details, it a PDF file along with license application form:


    Now coming to your other questions:

    1. Technically games are only provided for personal use but as long as you have legal copy, there should not be issue.
    2. Consoles have no license issue, you can use them the way you want . You can verify this with companies. They are mostly against piracy and hacking. So if you are not modding and using genuine games, they should have not problem.
    3. There is no particular license for internet gaming or lan gaming apart of the one I mentioned.

    Also, I need to tell you that this business may look fancy but its not very sustainable, I have seen many failing down. If you really want then you may go with POOL / Billiards along with PC/ Console gaming.

    Please make business plan like how you will spend initially, how much you will earn, rents and other expenses. Do a survey in area / locality before investing money.

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    Sagar176 is offline Just in!
    Hey Rohit, thanks for the quick and useful reply.
    Regarding license, i enquired today with local authority and they told if you are just opening a game parlor, no licenses are required.
    We just have to take precautions that nobody accesses internet(other tthan games)through our parlor.
    Please correct me if this is wrong.

    Regarding pool, we thought over it too. But it requires lot of space. Hence due to space constraints we had to drop the idea.

    Thanks for the suggestion of re-thinking over our decision.
    We have a rough plan of expenses and income. Though nothing is guaranteed.
    Can you suggest some idea for a quick survey?

    Ps: the location we have chosen has 2 schools and a degree college within a radius of 300 mtr and another college within 1km.
    Is this something to be positive about?

    Take care!

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    Rohit Chandra's Avatar
    Rohit Chandra
    Rohit Chandra is offline eTI Iron

    I think you have not gone through the PDF file I provided. It clearly says that computer gaming requires to have a license from Mumbai Police.

    By Survey, I mean see if there are any similar setup in your area or were there any in past. Also try to make small survey at nearby colleges etc where ask them if they would be interested in such services. How much they will be willing to pay, what they will need etc.

    Schools and colleges are always good.

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