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Suggest cheap headphone with best mic for recording with PC / laptop


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    muneer_sha Guest

    Question Suggest cheap headphone with best mic for recording with PC / laptop


    I am searching for a cheap headphone with mic which I can use for recording on PC. I sometimes need to make presentation with narration and when I use my current mic built in laptop, there is not good quality. It is audible and working fine but I know I need to have better quality. Although no one ever complained but I find it very novice when I hear voice on recording. I searched for good mic headphone but they all are very costly. Mostly falling in rage of Rs. 3000 and above. But I don't want to spend that much amount, I am not asking for something very professional but if it is possible to get something in price less Rs. 1000 which has good mic atleast. Headphone quality is not any issue because I prefer using speaker for personal use and I have good headphone already. Only problem is the need budget or cheap but a quality mic.

    Please if you suggest something then also include your personal experience if you have used it. I forgot to mention, I will be using it only with my computer (a laptop) and will be only using for recording only, no chat or anything like that is planned. Will be good its also durable and long lasting.


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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    In your price range , I suggest

    Logitech Stereo Headset H110 , its about Rs. 500 ,it looks simple yet very competitive headphone with nice mic.

    Sennheiser PC 3 On Ear Headphone with Mic , priced around Rs. 1200, it is also paisa vasool deal.

    Get any, you will not be disappointed as have used both, I will suggest to go for Sennheiser for its build quality along with audio and input quality. Logitech H110 is good but build quality feels more fragile.

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