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Task-bar Icons Keeps Disappearing in Windows 7


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    Ajay Pal Guest

    Exclamation Task-bar Icons Keeps Disappearing in Windows 7

    Hi i am currently using Windows Seven which was running fine but from around three days when I turn my computer on, all of my task-bar icons are gone. Then i try to log off and log in again and suddenly they all return.

    Any ideas why this is happening, and what I can do to fix it?

    Thank you.

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    abhishekdv38 is offline eTI Iron
    First you have to tell me when you start your computer do you use a log on password, or does it just start up without any logging on. If that is the case it may be starting as guest user & therefore not loading your settings.

    When you log off & then log on again you are changing the user over to yourself.

    Have a look in your User Accounts & make sure the computer starts with you as the user & there are no guest users activated.

    Hope it helps.

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    sunnysmt is offline eTI Member
    Make sure the option for showing icons is selected : right-click Desktop>view>'Show Desktop Icons'

    If the icons are gone on boot, unchecked the option (if already checked), and then check it again.

    The icons should appear.

    Hope you are satisfied.

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    AdrianG001 is offline Just in!

    If you are using Windows 7 you need to be sure the icons settings are set to ON. So follow these additional steps: Open the Control Panel “Taskbar and Start Menu.” Under the Taskbar tab, in the Notification area section click on the “Customize” button.

    Adrian Gates
    Sr. Cloud Expert - Apps4Rent.

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