AIO coin, the only crypto currency backed by a real asset value, AIO is generating pool of crypto currency through ICO (Initial coin offering), funds value of these ICO shall be assigned to each token issued.
AIO (All In One) as the name itself suggest, this is an "All In One" coin, Instead of buying different Tokens & Coins you can buy only one token which will have price effect of all top traded high demand coins. AIO is generating pool of funds through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which will hold these funds and the value of these funds shall be assigned to all Tokens issued.

AIO (All In One) is Ethereum base smart contract token representing a fund value collected through ICO by Aaress Fintech Inc. and assigned to each token distributed through ICO, holder of these tokens shall get value appreciation through actual crypto currency holdings of AIO (All In One). It’s a token contract which is written in solidity programming. Also provides Dapp base wallet system with private key backup option.

Each AIO token is valued at just one dollar, the funds generated through the ICO (Initial coin offering) will be pooled to invest in a top ten highly traded coins, as the value of the holdings grows or falls so will the value of the AIO coin in equal proportion, however if the value of any one or two of the currencies falls disproportionately the pooled value of the other coins will still sustain the value of the AIO coin, a globally unique mechanism, this does not only helps mitigate investor risk but also makes the investment itself more affordable since the AIO tokens are priced much more reasonably as compared to other coins. The entire ICO (Initial coin offering) process and later the fund holdings will remain public and accessible through, investors can verify the company holdings and net asset value in real time through the wallet address.

Visions of the AIO Coin (AIO Token)

AIO Coin is in the process of developing regulated futures, index and options trading in crypto currencies, which is going to be first of its kind, a crypto exchange with advanced trading options and limit buy and sell options.
AIO Coin intends to introduce sector specific digital currency pool’s with objective to provide funding in different sectors like constructions, pharmaceuticals, IT, Banking, Retail, Space research, Aayurvedic medicines and alternative Therapies etc.

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Aaress Fintech Inc is planning to introduce new financial instruments in crypto currency which may change the way we trade in crypto currencies. They are committed to bring trusted world class investment options for common man so that he can participate and benefit from the exponential growth in crypto currency market.

Few Details about Aaress Fintech Inc

Aaress Fintech Inc. registered incorporation is setup in global financial capital Hong Kong, a Company operated by professional fund managers and Crypto currency experts. They are in the process of launching a perfect solution for all crypto currency investors and users who are currently investing in new digital assets, without knowing the exact future growth of that particular asset.


STEP 1. Kindly logon to the homepage of the website , just as proved or shown by the image below, you will see a “SIGN UP” button just in the mddle of the website, click on that. Also feel free to navigate round the website in case you need some good sightings.

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STEP 2. Few seconds after clicking on the “SIGN UP” button, the webpage loads to the next, which displays a comprehensive, responsive and secured form, requiring information’s such as ;

• Ether Wallet Address Please enter correct Ethereum address as AIO tokens shall be sent to this ethereum address. Incase if you don't have Ethereum wallet then you can create one at any of below sites

• Your Full Names
• Select your country from over 200 listed and approved countries around the globe
• Enter a valid email address
• Enter your choice password
• Re-enter your choice password for confirmation purpose

Once you’re done filling this form accurately and correctly, you then click on the “SIGN UP” button just below the form. You can view a sample of this form as attached below:

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STEP 3. If all information inputted is correct and accepted, you should be approved and sign up completed, you will be loaded to the next page, showing you a success page just as the sample attached below.

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All you now have to do is click on the “LOGIN TO YOU ACCOUNT” button just below the message on the page. That leads you the the login page as shown below.

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STEP 4. Logging in takes you to the main dashboard as shown below after this paragraph, here you get to see the current values of both Etherum and Bitcoin, a provision/form to purchase AIO Coin which is easy and self explanatory. Feel free to navigate around the site for more understanding.

Watch AIO Video here: