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What is "MSASCuiL" listed in Startup- windows 8.1 startup ?


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    What is "MSASCuiL" listed in Startup- windows 8.1 startup ?


    I just found that there a program listed in startup section of "Task Manager". I am using windows 8.1 and have no idea from where this file came ?

    Searching online is confusing because some are seeing its fine and some saying could be malware or virus .

    This is what online search gave :

    MSASCuiL (or MSASCuiL.exe) is one of two things. MSASCuiL.exe is an executable file that belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft or a malicious program (malware)

    Can anyone explain it clearly if should I worry about it or there is no issue to worry about it ?

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    My suggestion is to check its location.

    Right click on it under startup where you see it and click "Open File Location" . It should be from C:\Program Files\Windows Defender then its legit. You may run latest antivirus to make sure your computer is not infected from anything malicious.


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