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A 21 year old died because Police decided to be insenstivie as usual


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    A 21 year old died because Police decided to be insenstivie as usual

    Police, by definition it means :

    "The civil force of a state, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order."

    But it never say that you can be insensitive at best. See this news:

    21-year-old Abhishek Kumar's neck was slit and he died on the spot, when he sped on a motorcycle, through a thick wire between two police barricades on the road, in West Delhi.

    Abhishek, who worked for a private taxi service, was on his way back from a wedding, at about 1 am on Wednesday night, when the accident happened.

    You can read full at :

    So this poor guy, in his 20s lost his life just because of insensitivity of some Police personnel. We have seen so many ill-thought barricading in life that we are now used to it. You have to be extra careful on road because there are intentional fatal hazards. Any department starts working on road / digging on road without proper signage or signals, and its actually customary in India to have surprise barricades by police in night. No signals, no reflectors.

    But this guy just lost his life and I am sure nothing will change, we will still such insensitivity on road by public works department, by public servant .


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    This is sad, I think Police should have some special MORAL education part of their training program. And I think time-to time there should be re-assessment to check their abilities to make right and informative decision.

    This is will help them to understand their real duties ....

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