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How to know AO code, AO type for PAN card application


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    raju_bhai Guest

    How to know AO code, AO type for PAN card application


    I am trying to apply for PAN card online at official website, https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/...erContact.html . However, I am not sure what to add in Area Code, AO type, Range Code, AO number. By drop down provided there, I have got my city and other things but still in my city there are lots of classification .

    Above all , the description given there is so stupid , I don't know who has designed or planned it. Its confusing and stupid. Now either I have to visit nearest Income Tax department office or ask someone who practice IT like CA etc.

    Anyone has got an Idea if I can do it myself ?

    PS: I also looked over their help / guide and its not helpful at all..

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    Aarish Rizvi's Avatar
    Aarish Rizvi
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    This is not complicated but the way it is presented on their website makes it really hard to decipher. To help you out, I think first you need to understand what are all these things :

    Area Code: For the purpose of identifying the geographic location of the individual or company, their area is assigned a code which is represented using 3 letters.

    AO Type: The type helps the tax department identify the type of PAN card holder as an individual or company or even a service personnel or a person who is not a resident of India.

    Range Type: Based on the actual address of the PAN card hold, they are assigned a Range Type which helps identify the ward or circle that they live in.

    AO Number: The AO number is a numerical value that is also published by NSDL and is the last part of the AO code.

    As you said, its better to visit nearby IT office to get details. However, you can also get more idea by using PAN number of person you know in your area.

    You can visit following link and provide PAN of your friend and his number, after OPT verification, they will show you all details about your area AO, Range type etc. Now you can use them as in your application.

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