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Maximum number of Managers in Youtube Channel allowed ?


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    ILacto Guest

    Maximum number of Managers in Youtube Channel allowed ?

    Hi, I have special requirement where we need to create a collaborative youtube channel. So we will be lots people contributing, uploading stuff to that channel. So now I have created the channel and also found way to add Managers which was clear and easy . But I am not sure how many managers I can add into a youtube channel. I don't want that in future we will have issue . So its limited to say 10-20 or even 50 then I would look into some other way to allow contribution to this channel.

    Can anyone share clear details or official Google link where maximum number of Youtube managers allowed is mentioned. Because I can't just find it anywhere.All I can get is instructions for adding Managers and that I know.

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    Aarish Rizvi
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    Yes, this way of Google to allow collaborative channels. But apparently you are right , there is no clear documentation where they say you can't more than specified number of managers in a Youtube channel.

    Only way is to find out is by trying it out. I don't think there is should be any problem for Google to limit number of Managers on a a channel.

    Other way I can think of is sort of a FTP / central storage where users can upload files and single user is responsible for uploading them to youtube channel.

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