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How to check Account on miningspeed pool for BTCP mining ?


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    SurinderSin Guest

    How to check Account on miningspeed pool for BTCP mining ?

    I have just configured two of my 1070 Nvidia graphic card to mine BITCOIN Private and from reading online, I was suggested to use btcp.miningspeed.com pool . I think I have configured correctly my bminer and it is showing it mining. But how do I check what is being mined for my address ?

    I can't find url to check it, I understand there is no login system on miningspeed pool but what url should I use to check my mining status ?

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    asaam is offline eTI Iron
    I have mined with Nanopool which is I think similar to Miningspeed pool as both doesn't require any registration but your wallet address serve as your account address.

    In case of miningspeed pool, I was easily able to find that you can access your account information / mining progress for Bitcoinprivate digital coin through following address :

    Make sure you have provided same address as you used to configure your miner.

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