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When adults play with Marbles (a Marble race machine)


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    When adults play with Marbles (a Marble race machine)

    This is an important case, you may played with marbles in your childhood, like everyone else, I also used to get fascinated by them when they slide around inclined surface as if they have come to life. But what if adults play with marbles, here is a machine I stumbled upon and I think it would be nice to share share here. This guy from Vietnam makes such amazing marble race machine where marbles are endlessly sliding down creating a mesmerizing site. Infact its so amazing that you will find your mind boggled for a while if you watch it closely. More you watch, more mesmerizing it gets. Check it out below :

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    Wow, ultimate .. This is mesmerizing. Really loved watching it and the sound is like music, soothing. I wish I can have one at my home. I checked, they are selling it but kind of costly.


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