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What Is Alia Bhatt’s Workout Routine & facts about her


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    What Is Alia Bhatt’s Workout Routine & facts about her

    The bubbly actress Alia Bhatt is known for her fantastic acting skills, sizzling figure and gorgeous dimpled smile. Before entering the world of glamour and films, the heartthrob was a tad overweight and had to shed a few kilos before her first film. Since then, the actress has maintained her figure by following regular workout routines and diets.

    Alia Bhatt’s fitness regime is a mix of various things like cardio, weight training, dancing and yoga. She goes to the gym thrice a week but makes sure to do cardio exercises every day for 40 minutes at home, or whichever location she is shooting at. She is now a fitness freak and likes to perform anti-gravity yoga like the sirsana. She also does the chakrasana, suryanamaskar and meditation with ease.

    Her workout regime includes: Running on the treadmill, dumbbells, push-ups, lateral pulldowns, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, crunches, back extensions, lunges and squats.

    She switches between these on a daily basis, since she often gets bored of following the same routine.

    Actress Alia Bhatt claims that she always wanted to be an actress. It was a natural inclination for her since she belonged to a film family. Today, Alia is one of the fittest actresses in the industry but there was a time when she struggled with weight issues. In fact, if you see her ‘Student of the Year’ audition video, you can see that she did not have the svelte figure she does today. Alia spends several hours at the gym and trains with celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. Here is her workout routine.

    1.Alia’s workout routine chiefly consists of swimming, kick-boxing, weights, altitude training, circuit training etc.

    2.Alia also mixes up exercises like running on the treadmill, push-ups, bicep curls, and dumbbell raises.

    3.Alia’s workout routine also includes crunches, lunges, squats, triceps push down and back extensions.

    4.Alia Bhatt claims that she does 15-20 repetitions with three sets of each of these exercises. She hits the gym three to four times a week and devotes 30-40 minute to cardio.

    5.Alia practices yoga for flexibility and strength. She also loves dancing, particularly kathak and ballet.

    Numerous jokes might have been cracked at her expense, but Alia Bhatt took it sportingly. This only proves that despite the criticism, the actress is confident enough to make jokes at her expense. She has come a long way from her first film – Student of the Year, to her current box office success – Raazi. And while her presence always grabs attention from the media, very few know the real her.

    Alia Bhatt is known to constantly try to compete with herself, and hone new skills. So much so that when she was on sabbatical after shooting for BhadrinathkiDulhania, she began learning kathak! She is also a fitness freak and is constantly running to the gym, to maintain her figure. One thing that helps her metabolism, that Alia cannot miss out on is kaju milk (cashew milk). It has been a tradition since Alia was a child, when her mom gave her cashew milk before putting her to bed, and the 23-year-old has managed to carry out the tradition to date!

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    she is already have a perfect body. Don't need extra effort.

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