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Pseudo/Contract Marriage to avoid real marriage for career at young age


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    Post Pseudo/Contract Marriage to avoid real marriage for career at young age

    I am Farheen Attar, recently I have completed my higher studies,and looking for contract marriage, Because I dont want get married so early at the age of just 22, but my parents wish that I should start my new life with husband which I'm not interested in.. So I just don't want to dissapoint my parents and make them happy by getting married without informing them about the contract. And after 1 year of contract I'll go to abroad and settle there. So any one interested please revert back.. I just want freedom.. Right now I'm just career conscious but my parents not ready to understand my feelings so I am not interested to argue with them I want to see them happy and even I want to live happily with freedom.. So anyone who is also in need of contract marriage please do revert.. But it'll be confidential without informing about the contract to my parents so that I don't want to hurt their sentiments and even not ready to sacrifice my whole life for their unworthy decision against my dreams.

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    First of all, you should never share your real name for such issues online for benefits of privacy.

    Now coming to your contract marriage idea to ditch actual marriage for the sake of career could be catastrophic, you may not understand but there is no such thing like contract marriage. You may get an agreement but in the end of the day may end up loosing more than you could have gained.

    I never support idea of contract marriage because it means you will have someone with you who is a legally your husband, he can be any kind of person, he could cause your physical , mental harm. He can cheat you on financial terms and lot more. He will have access to all your life and things , legally as well as personally .

    In short, inviting random person to take advantage of your situation, you may end of ruining your whole life.

    Instead discuss your views with parents, hopefully they will understand it.

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