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TIP: How To Repair Damaged Hair With The Help Of Ayurveda and Nature


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    TIP: How To Repair Damaged Hair With The Help Of Ayurveda and Nature

    Hairs are integral part of one's appearance, it can really make or break your style statement. Then again there are various kind of hairs people have, today I am specifically talking about Frizzy hairs. Frizzy hairs are one of the most difficult kind of hairs to maintain. Generally people with Curly hairs are more prone to being frizzy.

    It becomes difficult for people with frizzy hair to flaunt their favorite hairstyle. A single hair is made up of thousands of cells and 3 layers. The hair cuticle looks like a shingles roof. When the hair is smooth, shingles lie flat, but after brushing the dry curly hair, the shingles life up making it look frizzy. This is how you frizzy hairs have those characteristics which makes them look dull and lifeless.

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    There are various ways to deal with them. According to Ayurveda, hair is a byproduct of bone formation; the tissue which is responsible for bone formation is also responsible for the hair growth. Healthy hair is a symbol of balanced diet in body and good overall health.

    In order to work on frizzy hair, we need to know what are the causes:


    • Not eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water.
    • Not enough oil production on scalp.
    • Not choosing right type of hair product.
    • Certain medications.
    • Chemical hair treatments.

    Those are some of the primary causes, below I am sharing some simple ways those can easily help you to deal with frizzy hairs if followed properly and regularly.


    • Avoid brushing hair after it dries. It disrupts cuticle of the hair and stretches the hair causing it to break. After a shower towel dry the hair and brush with either a comb or finger-comb it.
    • Once the hair is dry, wet hands and finger-comb them. Since frizzy hair is dry, water helps in tackling the frizz.
    • Apply a bit of hair conditioner to the tips of the hair.
    • Conditioner containing proteins help in managing frizz and creating a shine.
    • Straighteners will lead to brittle hair causing it to break.
    • Since frizzy hair is dry, it is necessary to moisturize it. Use either a conditioner or natural oil to moisturize the hair.
    • Avoid curling irons, flat irons and other heat sources on the hair.

    I hope this small TIP or write-up will be helpful to many.
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    I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into providing me with the information I needed. Thanks a ton!

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