On December 1, Google plans to delete millions of Gmail accounts. Here are some key points to ensure the safety of your account.

1 Google has announced a crucial update regarding Gmail accounts, warning users of a potential account disablement.

2 The deletion process is set to commence in December 2023 and targets accounts inactive for a minimum of two years.

3 Active users of Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Photos need not worry, as the update specifically focuses on dormant accounts.

4 The primary objective of this policy change is to bolster security, recognizing that inactive accounts are more vulnerable to cyber threats.

5 Google's statement indicates that if a Google Account remains unused or unaccessed for at least two years, it may be subject to deletion, including associated data in Google Workspace.

6 The move is prompted by a security concern, as dormant accounts are often more susceptible to unauthorized access, lacking updated passwords, two-factor authentication, and proper security measures.

7 To avoid the risk of account deletion, users are advised to remain vigilant and take necessary actions before the impending deadline.

8 Google assures users that it will send multiple notifications to both the account email address and the recovery email before initiating the deletion process.

9 The proactive measure is aimed at protecting users from potential security breaches, emphasizing the importance of maintaining active accounts and adhering to security best practices.

10 Google's analysis indicates that inactive accounts are at least ten times less likely to have 2-step verification, making them easier targets for scammers and fraudsters.

11 Users are encouraged to log in and ensure the activity of their accounts to prevent any inconvenience or loss of data.