Ministers receive their salary from the state government of the jurisdiction in which they hold office. The compensation for ministers is distinct in each state, reflecting variations in factors such as the ministers' experience and proficiency, the composition of the state cabinet, and other considerations like the workload and responsibilities assigned to ministers. Additionally, differences in the current pay scales of government officers within individual states contribute to the unique salary structures for ministers across the country.

The salaries of Chief Ministers vary across different states. Telangana's Chief Minister receives the highest pay of ₹410,000, while Tripura's Chief Minister receives the lowest pay of ₹105,500 when compared to their counterparts in other states.

Telangana: ₹410,000 per month (US$5,900)
Delhi: ₹390,000 per month (US$5,600)
Uttar Pradesh: ₹365,000 per month (US$5,300)
Maharashtra: ₹340,000 per month (US$4,900)
Andhra Pradesh: ₹335,000 per month (US$4,800)
Gujarat: ₹321,000 per month (US$4,600)
Himachal Pradesh: ₹310,000 per month (US$4,500)
Haryana: ₹288,000 per month (US$4,200)
Jharkhand: ₹272,000 per month (US$3,900)
Madhya Pradesh: ₹255,000 per month (US$3,700)
Chhattisgarh: ₹230,000 per month (US$3,300)
Punjab: ₹230,000 per month (US$3,300)
Goa: ₹220,000 per month (US$3,200)
Bihar: ₹215,000 per month (US$3,100)
West Bengal: ₹210,000 per month (US$3,000)
Tamil Nadu: ₹205,000 per month (US$3,000)
Karnataka: ₹200,000 per month (US$2,900)
Sikkim: ₹190,000 per month (US$2,700)
Kerala: ₹185,000 per month (US$2,700)
Rajasthan: ₹175,000 per month (US$2,500)
Uttarakhand: ₹175,000 per month (US$2,500)
Odisha: ₹160,000 per month (US$2,300)
Meghalaya: ₹150,000 per month (US$2,200)
Arunachal Pradesh: ₹133,000 per month (US$1,900)
Assam: ₹125,000 per month (US$1,800)
Manipur: ₹120,000 per month (US$1,700)
Nagaland: ₹110,000 per month (US$1,600)
Tripura: ₹105,500 per month (US$1,500)