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How to deal with picky eaters - fuzzy eater kids


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    apoorvasingh Guest

    How to deal with picky eaters - fuzzy eater kids

    My 7-year-old child is a picky eater and refuses to eat any green vegetables. She only likes potatoes. Can you suggest any tips to help her start eating all kinds of veggies?

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    sahil saini
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    Dealing with picky eaters - fuzzy eater kids

    Heyyy, Apoorva
    I know that Dealing with a picky eater, especially when it comes to vegetables, can be challenging.
    Here are some tips to encourage your 7-year-old to eat a variety of veggies:

    1. Introduce Gradually: Start by introducing small amounts of new vegetables gradually. Mix them with foods your child already enjoys, like incorporating finely chopped veggies into pasta sauce or blending them into smoothies.

    2. Be a Role Model: Children often mimic the behavior of adults. Let your child see you enjoying a variety of vegetables. Make positive comments about how much you like eating them.

    3. Make It Fun: Present vegetables in a fun and appealing way. Create colorful and creative vegetable platters, use cookie cutters to shape veggies, or arrange them into smiley faces on the plate.

    4. Involve Them in Cooking: Kids are more likely to eat something they helped prepare. Involve your child in the cooking process, from washing vegetables to stirring and serving. This can make them more interested in trying the dish.

    5. Offer Dips: Provide a tasty dip like hummus, yogurt, or a light dressing to accompany the vegetables. Having a dip can make the veggies more enjoyable for a picky eater.

    6. Experiment with Cooking Methods: Try different cooking methods to alter the texture and taste of vegetables. Roasting, grilling, or sautéing vegetables can bring out different flavors that your child might find more appealing.

    7. Use Positive Reinforcement: Praise your child when they try a new vegetable, even if it's just a small bite. Positive reinforcement can encourage them to be more open to trying new foods.

    8. Set a Good Eating Environment: Create a positive eating environment by sitting down together for meals. Avoid pressuring your child to eat and make mealtimes enjoyable.

    9. Educate About Nutrition: Explain the importance of vegetables for growth and health. Use age-appropriate books, videos, or games to teach them about the benefits of different vegetables.

    10. Respect Preferences: While encouraging the exploration of new foods, also respect your child's preferences. It's okay if they don't like every vegetable. Focus on incorporating a variety over time.

    Remember, patience is key, and it may take time for your child to develop a liking for certain vegetables. Consistency and a positive approach can make the process more successful.

    Hope it will help you

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