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How to Disk Cleanup-Delete Remove unnecessary files to increase disk space


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    How to Disk Cleanup-Delete Remove unnecessary files to increase disk space

    Ever Faced problem of disk running low in space ? You tries to remove all unnecessary files but still not able to create necessary space? Now only option left is to increase hard drive partition size or attach a new hard drive and after that too, you are required to do some geeky stuff like hard drive cloning in order to increase space. But most probably there are chances that you can still increase space on your hard drive with little indepth knowledge. I have list of few of the common yet easy practice which can help you to increase significant space windows XP machine.

    So how we are going to do it ?

    We will use windows inbuilt features to achieve our task as well as will use third party software Ccleaner. Though we can do without Ccleaner but its a useful free tools and save your time as well as disk space. So we will start with Cleaner.

    Ccleaner : A free Cleanup tool
    CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner.
    It is very simple, just download it from HERE, then install and RUN.

    Using it very is very easy:
    1. Goto Cleaner
    2. Click Analyze (It will then look for unnecessary files)
    3. Now Click Run Cleaner .

    It will then delete lots of unwanted stuff which could have been hard to locate and then delete. Thats concludes the Ccleaner part.

    Deleting leftover Temporary files Manually
    Though Ccleaner cleans most of the temporary files, you will still find few files residing in temporary folder which is used by various programs for temporary storage of data.

    How to locate that folder ?
    1. Goto >> Start >> RUN and type %temp% . You will see a folder with many temporary files in it.
    2. Now select all using "Ctrl+A" and delete them. You can safely remove all files, if some files can't be delete then leave them, some program might be accessing it.

    Using Disk Cleanup
    Now you can use disk cleanup utility of windows to delete unwanted files in order to increase disk space. For this :
    Goto >> My Computer >> Right Click on Drive/ Disk >> Properties >> Disk Cleanup
    You may see it in following pictures.
    Immediately you will see "Disk Cleanup" tab and there won't be anything as we already deleted using cCleaner. Now goto to More Options as shown in picture below.
    Here look for "System Restore" , now click "Clean up" then "Yes". It will really create lots of space as it is actually deleting old restore points which windows create periodically in order to allow you to restore back to earlier state of PC. However, by pressing cleanup here, we are only deleting old data, resent restore data will remain there.
    Note: If you have system restore turned off then it won't make much difference here.

    Thats concludes my article about disk cleanup and increasing hard drive space. However there are few more way to increase your space further but I have discussed most effective and easiest one. Further you can remove few more windows backup etc. but I guess this should be sufficient. But if you still not able to manage then let me know, I will try to help.

    Lastly :
    If you find above information useful then please stop by and give your valuable comment. Also if have any suggestion or correction then do let me know.

    The author is not associated with any of the above mentioned service or product. Author may or may not be using all or any of the above services or products. Above article / review / tip are just views of the author and they do not decide above mentioned service / product's characteristics as whole. The author do not take any responsibility for harm or damage done by any of the above tip / advice / review. Above material / article is provided for the informational purpose only and author can't be held responsible for its usability and authenticity. Reader's discretion is advised.

    Stealing or Copying of this article / review / Tip without proper credit and link back to the article is illegal. You may use this article at your site by giving a link back to this article or by asking for permission from the author.

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    Re: How to Disk Cleanup-Delete Remove unnecessary files to increase disk space

    Thanks Ricky for such a Nice Information..

    I m also using CCleaner.. its really very useful and it help me Boot my PC faster...

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    Ron is offline eTI Member

    Re: How to Disk Cleanup-Delete Remove unnecessary files to increase disk space

    good information......... but i am using webroot's window washer to free up disk space.

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    Ashish2711 is offline eTI Member
    Is there any idea for decreasing the file size so that it can use small memory

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    Monica's Avatar
    Monica is offline eTI Member
    You can store them after compressing. You can compress them using 7zip or winzip.

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    Ashish2711 is offline eTI Member
    BUt what will happen when I unzip them again ,....

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