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Yoga "Mudra" - Know how your hands can cure your health Problems


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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Yoga "Mudra" - Know how your hands can cure your health Problems

    I was reading a book regarding Yogic Mudras which I wanted to share with you all.

    Mudra's is sanskrit word which means lit or seal. Its is symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudr?s involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers.

    Various Kung Fu forms contain positions identical to these mudr?s. and 108 mudras are used in regular Tantric rituals and these Mudra's too used in Bharatnatyam and other Indian CLassic Dance.

    So I am sharing few of Mudra's which help you to prevent some serious deceases.

    1) Gyan Mudra

    Method :- Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out.

    Specialty:-As it is a Mudra of knowledge, it enhances the knowledge. The tip of thumb has centers of pituitary and endocrine glands.When we press these centers by index finger the two glands work actively.

    Benefits:-Increases memory power and sharpens the brain
    Help in concentration Power and prevents Insomnia
    If we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders
    like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression

    2) Prithvi Mudra :-

    Method :-Tip of the ring finger touches the tip of the thumb, with the other three fingers stretched out.

    Specialty:-It reduces all physical weaknesses.

    Benefits:- It helps to increase the weight for weak people
    It improves the complexion of skin and makes the skin to glow
    It makes the body active by keeping it healthy

    3) Varuna Mudra

    Method:-Tip of little finger touches the tip of thumb, with the other three fingers stretched out.

    Specialty:- It balances the water content and prevents all diseases which come due to lack of water.

    [/b]Benefits[/b] :- It retains clarity in blood by balancing water content in the body Prevents the pains of Gastroenteritis and Muscle Shrinkage.

    4)Vayu Mudra

    Method:-Keep the index finger on the base of the thumb and press with thumb keeping the other three fingers straight.

    Specialty:- It prevents all the diseases that occur due to the imbalance of the air.

    Benefits:- It cures Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout, Parkinson's disease and paralysis without any medicine
    It is useful for Cervical Spondilytis, paralysis to face and
    catching of nerve in neck
    It corrects the disorder of gas in the stomach

    5) Shunya Mudra

    Method:- Keep the middle finger at the mount of Venus and press it with thumb.

    Specialty:- It reduces the dullness in our body.

    Benefits:-It relieves an earache within 4 or 5 minutes
    It is useful for the deaf and mentally challenged, but not for
    inborn ones

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    imtehaan is offline eTI Member

    Re: Yoga "Mudra" - Know how your hands can cure your health Problems

    Hey nupur I never knew about such things. Thank u 4 sharing its very nice.

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    jameshill003 is offline Just in!
    Thanks for sharing this informative information.. Really yoga is a best form of exercise which helps to cure the problem of male impotence.

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    ashrafa is offline eTI Iron
    Thanks a lotttttttt for sharing this with us.. really very very useful tipss..

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