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Healthy way to Diet – Know how to diet without skipping meal.


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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Healthy way to Diet – Know how to diet without skipping meal.

    Now day’s people wanted to keep themselves fit without skipping their meals. I have Seen 10 out of 7 people spending money on Entertainment and in Food. But people don’t have enough time to exercise. Usually Females get fat in their Stomach and in thighs and mans usually get fat in their Upper portion (mostly on stomach).

    Here I am sharing my personal experience with you. In the starting I also skipped my meals but that cause me a bad health and even dull face, leaving it without shine. I am not at all fat but got a tummy that really looks bad. ?

    I joined a gym and did work out and controlled my hunger without skipping foods that helped me lot and got my flat stomach back..I have fallowed some rule for dieting which is bit difficult to follow In my daily life but that make your mind fresh an give you good health and figure without leaving extra fat in your body

    I am sharing some rules which I had followed:-

    Rule of eating:-

    Early Morning: - Drink Glass of Warm water every day with empty stomach.

    Breakfast: - Breakfast must be as per your work.* Have Fruits and a toast without butter with vegetables like tomato and cucumber with a tea with half teaspoon sugar or without sugar or have one bowl of beaten rice ( Poha , Chidwa) or if you are Non Vegetarian have One Omelet .

    Lunch: - One bowl of Rice with Daal (without extra oil or Ghee) or One Chapatti with One bowl of Boiled Vegetable with less spice. Try to add one bowl salad’s or Fruits with your lunch.

    Evening:- Cup of tea without sugar or half teaspoon sugar with biscuits and light snacks.

    Dinner:- Dinner must be light if you are hungry then drink a glass of water before your meal. Have one bow Rice or 2 Chapatti with One bowl Vegetables or Daal.

    Work out:-

    People don’t get enough time to workout. So you can do it in small intervals as you get time but don’t do workout after having your meal.

    First early Morning:- Yoga makes your mind fresh telling you some Asana which help to loose weight from your tummy and thighs :-

    1) Stand straight with the feet placed about one foot apart. Then bend forward and touch your toes with your fingertips, without bending your knees. You may not succeed in performing this exercise in the first attempt but try to bend as much as you can and in a few days you shall be able to touch your toes. One should remember not to bend the knees.

    2) When you succeed in performing this exercise, next try to touch your left toe with your right hand & your right toe with the left hand without bending the knees. After you are able to perform the second exercise as well, try to bend forward so as to touch the floor with the palms of your hands.

    3) Stand straight and spread your hands forward parallel to the ground. Then bend your knees and go into a posture as if you are sitting on a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and the back should be erect. Try to remain in this position for 3 minutes. This posture is similar to "Horse Trance" which is also practiced by the martial arts experts.

    4) Place the feet about one foot apart and spread the hands sideways in the level of the shoulders, parallel to the ground. Then turn your upper torso to the left from your waist upwards, so that you can easily look behind. The feet should remain firmly on the ground. Then come back to the starting position and turn to your right. Repeat ten times. In the next step turn to your left with a jerk and then to your right. Repeat twenty times.
    Then place the hands on the waist and bend forwards so that your face touches your thighs. Repeat twenty times

    Do the Above Asana for 15-20 minutes daily. You can do it before breakfast or before Dinner.
    I am sure you will defiantly feel light and a fresh mind and a positive energy within yourself. I got the result in 38 days and still maintain the rule as a habit.


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    Ricky is offline eTI Silver

    Re: Healthy way to Diet – Know how to diet without skipping meal.

    I don't remember that how long it has been since I left eating ghee, butter and fatty things. Its been many years when I ate Samosa or Jalebi for change of taste. I did so because I realized a long time ago that they are nothing but hell for human yet I see people eating them regularly. Such items are deep fried but I call them Deep Died.

    Thank you Nupur for sharing your experience here. I am also into workout from considerable amount of time and working out regularly saves you from lots of complications of general health.

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    nupur. is offline eTI Copper

    Re: Healthy way to Diet – Know how to diet without skipping meal.

    ya I also quit the "maida" foods and fried items..Maida food cause health problem more which can harm digestion system of your body.

    Daily workout makes you fresh and even gives a positive engery inside you. Those who having lots of tension and cause of they are spending sleepless nights and lack of sleep they get into depression they must do workout.

    Workout helps them to get good sleep and relax their mind and soul from tensions and depressions..

    One must also have proper healthy diet with workout... Somebody said " healthy food is symbol of healthy Mind"

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