View Poll Results: when will india become a developed country?

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when will india become a developed country- Vote Now !


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    riteshrai95 is offline Just in!

    when will india become a developed country- Vote Now !

    india is working hard to cope developed with country.but ther is lack of proper management.threre are lot of intelectual mind but we have lees resources in proper has to step forward for the efficient resource.and people are also responsible for this.
    so we have to come together.

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    Bhvm is offline eTI Aluminium

    Re: when will india become a developed country- Vote Now !

    No time limits, india is ready now...

    Only if this corropution is taken care of.. and the outdated laws are replaced.

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    Ayushi.G is offline eTI Member
    We the people of India need to understand that anybody's income is at somebody's expense. The rich super powers in our nation today is at the expense of the poor downtrodden people of the nation. 20% respected citizens of our nation own 80% of country's wealth where as the remaining 80% of the population shares the rest 20%. We should not forget that for nation to be developed it must have socio-economic equality. Our GDP may be higher than some of the developed nations in the world today but we can not be termed as developed, untill our Per capita income comes at par with theirs.

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