Dear Dr Trupti Jayin,
I am from Myanmar working as Road Consultant in India for last twelve years. Now I am 65 years old. My monther told me before she died that I was reincarnated from somewhere because she was dream that a group of people wearing white color clothes and with white beards came to her with a big yatch ships carried a 3 months old baby boy and gave to her for taking care. They told to my mum this boy is from their family and they want to keep with er. When my mum told me I was thinking I came from Greece or Roman because in the hollywood movie I saw the Greece warships and sailors only. I was in Orissa last few years back and one day I was in one five star hotel in Bhubaneshwar to meet my friend. I saw the huge wall painting behind the hotel reception showing a group of Oriya people wearing white clothes and with white beards doing puja on a shore near a big ship. When I asked the hotel reception they told me it was the Oriya merchants who will go for trading in the Far East countries. They will travel at the dry season and return back before the monsoon every year. Then I came to know I was from this group at my previous life and by some means I was died in SE Asia and my soul reincarnated in Myanmar. If I will have a chance I want to get appointment from you for further discussions and treatment from you. I want to clear my history before I left to Myanmar.
With best regards
U Tha Kyaw Zan
Team Leader
Louis BErger Group, Inc.
Mobile No. 09338 311665