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Relief from Headache in Natural Ways


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    Headache is a common problem, specially among the working crowd. Headache is caused due to several factors, but we can put it under three broad categories -

    1.Tension –This is the most common cause of headache. Tension creates a spasm of the muscles at the back of the neck. The muscle spasm gets the tissues over the surface of the cranium and thus, the pain is felt not only on in the neck but also on the forehead.

    2.Migraine –Migraine is the abnormality of the nervous system. This strain on the nervous system is caused due to eye strain, shock, stomach disorders etc. Migraine is a chronic disease which needs medical attention.

    3.Cluster Headache –Cluster headaches are repetitive and gets back several times in a month. These are generally caused due to constant pressure on the nerves like alcohol consumption, chain smoking etc.

    Headaches are very disturbing and restricts your attention to the pain alone. At this moment pain killer seems to be the only solution to get relief form headache. Pain killers, however, have side effects. Here are few home remedies to get relief from headache -

    1.For chronic headache, eat sliced apple with salt everyday in the morning for a week.

    2.Crush lemon crust into a fine powder and make it into a paste with the use of water. Apply this on the forehead. This is quick relief form headache caused due to tension.

    3.Apply a small amount of Eucalyptus oil on the center of the head and cover it with a towel dipped in warm water. This is one of the most effective ways of curing pain.

    4.Put 3 drops of ghee in your nostrils for a week to get rid of headache from cold.

    5.Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey every morning to treat chronic headache.

    6.Grind watermelon seeds with poppy seeds and consume three grams of it everyday if you are suffering constant pain.

    7.Application of sandalwood paste on the forehead is one of the tradition ways of curing headache.

    These seven tips will surely give you quick relief from headache and does not have any side effects. They not only get you relief from headache but also treats it, so that you don't suffer the symptoms again.
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    Hey these are really very helpful tips... Thanks for sharing

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    I get headaches from time to time -thanks to hectic city life, traffic work pressure and stress. I always pop in a tablet but now i will try these natural methods. Thanks.

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