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Get paid on writing articles for eTalkIndia.com


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    Suruchi Puri
    Suruchi Puri is offline Just in!

    Get paid on writing articles for etalkIndia


    I am interested in working as freelance writer with you. I write 100% original articles and deliver them before deadline.


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    Unregistered Guest

    clarification on payment

    There is a line in the payment description that it will be made only after completing 50$ or 2000 Rs. Does it mean we have to pay 50$ to get started or something?
    Pl. clarify.

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    Admin's Avatar
    Admin is offline Administrator
    Currently we are not accepting paid articles, also when were accepting paid articles, no one was required to deposit $50, it simply means that payment will be sent once you earn atleast $50.

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    preethasajie is offline Just in!

    Question Inquiry


    I would like to be a freelance writer for eTI, let me know whether you have vacancy for writers at the moment. If there is tell me the topics which i could write on.

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    Anshul-On burning bricks
    Anshul-On burning bricks is offline Just in!

    are you accepting paid articles now?

    I am heartily interested in writing for you. But i didn't get a fair idea on where do i need to send you the outline of articles at first, how will i get to know that my article has been approved and also explain the '10-post' thing..please reply as soon as possible!

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    smita.me1 is offline Just in!
    I'm interested in writing as well. Mailed you some clarifications. Kindly reply.

  7. Advert.

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    susheel is offline Just in!

    I would like to write for you. How much do you pay for an article?

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    pratyushgupta is offline Just in!

    A prospective writer

    Hello Sir,

    I'm a Senior Secondary school teacher and have just joined your website. I would like to contribute articles to your website. Kindly let me know how to proceed further.


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    Vaishali20 is offline Just in!
    Hi.. can you please give me some basic information about the procedure for writing in eti..

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    gauravsinghh12 is offline Just in!
    I have a rather strong article which can force the people to think about quickly changing culture of India and sinking into the gutter. Please help me out how my article and views can be read.If i will get money for it then it is so good and even if i do not get then i want you to publish it on your website so that i can make the society aware. I am trying to do that.

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    As mentioned on first post, we are not currently accepting paid articles however, you can still use eTI as platform to share your views with world (make sure they are withing TOS of eTI).

    You can simply choose appropriate section at home page and then navigate to subsection and submit your article there. If its good enough, we may feature it in upcoming newsletter as well as eTI official FB page.
    You may want to read:

    Thought of the Moment:
    A community is all about helping each other.

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