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3G speed in idea using 2G 98 gprs pack ?


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    3G speed in idea using 2G 98 gprs pack ?


    I have idea connection and is it possible that I can get 3G speed on 2G recharge ? I always use 98 gprs pack and internet works great on my phone, both in 3G mode and in 2G mode on that recharge. So it is possible I will get 3G speed on idea recharge of 2G . On phone I am not able to check it because on both 3G and 2G mod speed looks similar.

    I will need to buy a USB modem to test speed because I am not able to connect my phone to computer.

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    You may get connected in 3G mode but you will not get speed more than 100 kbps which is speed of 2G on average. But if you recharge a proper 3G data top-up then you will get real 3G speed of 3mbps or more.

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