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How to connect USB modem with Wireless router to access internet by using mobile?


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    Question How to connect USB modem with Wireless router to access internet by using mobile?

    Hi Friends, I want to connect USB modem with Wireless router, so that I can access internet via multiple mobiles without using PC. Is it possible?.. help me how to do it. if is there any alternate for this?...
    Note: I have the PC but I dont want to switch ON it unnesserly while using internet from my mobile.

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    Assuming, by USB modem you mean 3G based data modem...

    Hi, there are two options in your case,

    1. Buy some WIFI 3G device, Tata Docomo, Vodafone etc.. all have such device which allows you to share 3G connection with upto 5 devices.
    2. There are WIFI router who support usb modems, but again you have to buy it.

    What is your connection, is it EVDO or 3G or something else ?

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    Thanks Ricky for your help. I'm using Reliance Netconnect+ usb modem.
    So, is it possible to connect this one with wifi router to access internet from mobile?...then what type of wifi routher I need to buy... Pls help.. Thanks in advance

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    Hi, there are devices which lets you connect your 3G modem into them.
    First place you should check is : :: Welcome to 3G Store

    Also you can see other models like :
    TP-LINK MR3420 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router
    Hame 432R

    Few more can be there.

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    Well I use a Wi-fi router which is connected to my computer but I don't have to turn on my computer to access internet on my mobile phones.
    So now, which router do I use - TP-link, 802.11g/n a bit confused about the specific protocol.
    You don't have to turn on your computer for this all you have to do is, connect the main wire of the internet to the router and place wire connecting to the computer in the slot that is marked 1 with the sign of a computer on it.
    You have a direct connector for power in this router this shall help you access the internet up to 5 cell phones 2 tablets and 2 laptops put a password else your neighbors will be happy and your speed and bandwidth will suffer.
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