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No one love me - I am in depression


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    radhaa is offline Just in!

    Question No one love me - I am in depression

    i want to know about my love life.... i m going into dipression... no one loves me..

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    phpdevloper is offline eTI Member
    Hi Radhaa,

    Sorry but I am unable to understand you what you exactly want to ask.???
    And on which yardstick you can say that no one loves you.??

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    Preet Kaur
    Preet Kaur is offline Just in!
    hi radhaa..
    why u think that no one loves u?? this is ur life and u have to think about ur life.. depression is not the solution of anything.. i know many times when we face difficulties from our family and ofcourse from our love side too, we receive so many negative vibs.. every one has problems in their life.. but u can tackle ur problems when u face it.. that one suitation is difficult but we have to make our mind strong.. think about it.. and ofcourse love urself first then u feel everybody loves u..

    take care..

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