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All is well - A write up - talking about yourself


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    mranshu is offline Just in!

    All is well - A write up - talking about yourself

    Just think …Do you believe that there is anyone better than you in every aspect ? The answer for this is “no” in 99% of people .If it is not so what makes us different from the best ?

    There are lots of bodybuilders in this world , but everyone is not Arnold Schwarzenegger to win Mr.Universe title for 7 times consecutively . Many young talents are there but Mark zuckerburg is the youngest billionaire by creating facebook. Just think about it and I am sure …….the answer lies within us …within you and me.
    Do you think that there is any force that can dominate you ?...If no why do we fear ????
    Does the fear lie within ourselves ?...yes …..100% yes…

    Our mind consists of many thoughts and it also plays many tricks with us only . Flight and Fight are also one of the psychological aspect .If we will think that everyone in our environment is our enemies ,definitely they will be our enemies . Or they can be friend if you really think that they are .Mind is the center of all creation for our environment .

    Remember – “Nothing is good or bad , Thinking makes it so .”

    Different People think, see and perceive a single thing in different ways. Let me tell you a short story on this – There were two brothers happily living with their father and they had lost their mother from the childhood .
    As time passed , one of them became a great man and another became a drunk beggar and they had also lost their father in between . A media man who was close to their family started making a documentary video on the brothers . First he went to the poor and drunk one and asked – “What made you like this ?” and the answer was – “My father was a big drunk and he were drinking alcohol all the time in front of me and I am influenced by him . He was a very bad father and he is responsible for this .”
    Then the media man went to the happy and successful man and asked the same question . The answer was – “My father was a drunk and was drinking alcohol in front of us and I promised to myself not be like him by looking at his condition . Today where ever I am , Its because of my father . He’s great .”
    Just think how there thinking differs .

    Remember- “Don’t say YES , When you want to say NO .”

    The above quotation says you to go out of every bondage that restrict you to be a great personality so that people can call you – Ignited mind . If something wrong is done by us , what makes us to say – “ No , I haven’t !” ? It’s again a trick of mind . It restricts your mental radius to be explored. Mistakes are done by every human being , again we have to learn from those mistakes . But when we follow our mind and don’t realize not to do it again , we become a servant of our mind . And from that time , our minds starts to order us to do various thing , may be right or wrong but we feel less powerful to stop ourselves to obey the orders of mind . We don’t have to be straight forward with people only but also with our minds to avoid the kingship of mind over us .

    While a bodybuilder is posing in front of people , they can judge him in a moment by watching his calf muscles . If the calf muscles of a bodybuilder is very nice, definitely he is a good bodybuilder . The people who focus on very tiny or little things in their job , they are said to be experts . And it is our mind , which diverts us from those points . But again a question arises , “Can’t we pull out our minds from those things and put in our job ?” The great Srimad Bhagwat Gita says that , The supreme thing in our life is the work. Starting from the birth till the death , everyone has just to do their works as fine as they can and as a result they can be established as great personalities . Just keep in mind always that there is two examples of great trees . One can be a Mango tree and another can be a coconut tree . They both are big or great trees , right? But the main difference is mango tree gives fruit that is close to our hand to get and tasty. Another important thing is shadow of mango trees which is much useful too but coconut trees can hardly give shadow and its fruits appear in a height that is hard to reach .The theme of the example is that there are many great persons or things available in this world but every great person also is recognized by his/her characteristic or attitude or doing . These three things we are talking about is nothing but just our work .
    We can test our mind and can know its tricks by – “ Whenever you feel like you are in a drive to do something , just wait a while ….just a moment and think ….keep you mind out of yourself and judge it ……I am sure , you will get the conclusion and will get yourself out of that drive .”
    It is greatly said in the movie “ 3 IDIOTS “ – “mind is coward and always will make you fear so keep it idle by saying ALL IS WELL …..ALL IS WELL ….ALL IS WELL”

    Thank you ..Hope you will like this ...

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    swapnilramani's Avatar
    swapnilramani is offline eTI Iron
    To this I will just like to add a beautiful and very realsitic thought and Quote said by Gautam Buddha
    "Mind is Everything, What you think, you become"
    This is a very small quote but has a very biggest of the meaning in it, those who understand this quote, have the power to change their lives only by changing the way they think, simply saying, "CHOOSE THE POSITIVE TRACK TO DRIVE YOUR TRAIN ON"
    and if you are still moving along the negative track, it is the time to switch the tracks of your train of life from Negative to Positive and do wonders with your life and make it blossom

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