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How to convince parents for love marriage without hurting them ?


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    How to convince parents for love marriage without hurting them ?


    Im 23year old. Im in love with one guy, we both are at same age. we are in love since 6years. 3 months ago our parents came to know about our love, they are quite against for us. no one is supportive in our both families. we dont want to leave our love. my parents are seariously searching a match for me. his parents are also not accepted and they sent him to abroad. he is not in touch with me since 3 months. 2days back i got his num and i came to know that he is in touch with my younger brother. he is thinking of me alot. we both are decided to convince our parents and get married but they were not accepted. we tried our level best but, they are not convincing. We both never thought of run and marry. we are not ready to against our parents and at the same time we never stop thinking of each other. we both are in damn love. please suggest what step to take and how to live together with our parents.......

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    My dear,
    This is indeed a tough situation. You didn't mention as to what your parents(both sides) reasons are for being against you. If you want to send more details you can email me at drsky2011@gmail.com. For now, this is what i advise you, do keep in touch with your guy, and both of you should be nice to your parents. Get your family members, your family friends.(those who are on your sides) to speak to your parents and his. Hopefully both of you are financially independent or atleast one of you. If you know what the reasons are for their opposition you both can start the convincing from there, for example, religious / caste differences, socioeconomic status etc etc.

    wish you best
    Am a Dr, relationship advisor, spiritualist
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    What is the reason that they don't want you to get married. His family sent him abroad then must be from prosper family, is it caste or status ?

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    Hello srisri,

    In your problem statement everything that you have written gives me no clue on the point as to why your and his family are against the marriage.
    My advice to you would be to sit and talk with your parents/family and try to get to know, what is the possible reason of their declining the match. Once, you get to know about this reason, you can very well hit it with fresh efforts and try to convince your parents in your favor. Same is the thing for your boyfriend's side. Ask him to talk to his parents and try to get the reason why his family is forbidding the match. Once you have both the things, you two can arrange a meeting between both the families and let them sort out the matter.

    Try to understand, parents convincing is the most difficult step in getting any relationship right. If its done, half the battle is won. But if its not done, I would suggest you to leave your boyfriend/girlfriend and move on. I know its easy to say so but trust me, eloping away is not the genuine solution as it might create a lot of problems for you both. This is something I wont suggest you ever. So try and try your level best to convince your parents until things goes worse.

    Also, in your family, try to convince the one who you consider close to you ( like, brother or sister ) so that when you are convincing your parents regarding your marriage plans, you have someone to support you.
    Moreover, while convincing your parents about your boyfriend, try to tell them the positive points of your boyfriend and let them know why do you want to be with him. If possible, you can also make your boyfriend speak to your parents over the phone so that your parents have a rough idea of how is he.

    You can also have a look on the following link : http://etalkindia.com/talk/love-frie...your-love.html

    But right now, you need to know the possible reasons for your family declining to accept this relationship till we talk further on this.
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    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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    Same issue on my end

    I have been dating a guy off and on for the past 7 years. We both are doing well in our [COLOR=#009900 !important]career
    where I am already[COLOR=#009900 !important]working[/COLOR] with a big organization and also pursuing my [COLOR=#009900 !important]education and[/COLOR] he is in the process of [COLOR=#009900 !important]becoming a doctor[/COLOR]. We both come from the same caste, state in India. The only problem between the 2 of us is the issue of his parents not accepting me. The question I always have for him is "why". [COLOR=#009900 !important]The answer[/COLOR] to which is unknown, except that his parents are backward and not fond of love marriages. He agrees that the chances are bleak that we will be united one day. He also says that he will compromise me for his parents but not vice versa and rightfully so, I respect him for that. But I am so confused because he does say he will stand up but only to an extent. His parents are not ready to touch this topic for another year (which is [COLOR=#009900 !important]fine[/COLOR]). I feel like if I give it a shot that I am in for more agony. Any suggestion on what I should do? It is becoming extremely frustrating and confusing for me. Why would his parents not accept his choice especially when I don't lack anything that they would be looking for in a girl even when they find him one?

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    How to convince parents for love marriage without hurting them

    I am 26 years old,partially handicapped,she is 3 months elder than me.We both are caring & true loving each other,but she is under low caste,i explained my parents about my love,bu they are refuse to accept.my father also open heart surged patent 2 years ago.she got a alliance for marriage .but she refused the same,after 3 months now my parents saw a other girl to marry,i m not interested & explained i cant do since in my heart there is one girl.but they are not accepting and giving advise to withheld my lover.i cant act harshly on them,and i can do further,my lover also crying & angry on me.and she is not ready to give my life to others. Pls if u have any suggestion.?,But i need my lover as my wife.

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    Unhappy convince our parnts

    I m 23 yr old n my bf is 24 yr old we r in relationship from last 4years .I tell my parents about him last year firstly they agree Dn they r not agree for our marriage n his parents r also know about us they r also not agree they r trying to marry him with other .we r intercaste marriage problem n he has finantial problem we love each others deeply what should we do ???

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    Hey Raman kindly start a new thread for ur issue will help you there

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