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I need help to get my parent accept Muslim boy as husband


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    I need help to get my parent accept Muslim boy as husband

    I am in a relation for about a year... both of us are serious about it...He is a muslim and I am a hindu.... I've spoken to everyone at his house... everyone is happy about our relation and have accepted me.... problem arises at my family.... I have told my parents about our relation... they are upset with me.... and have asked me to come out of the relation sooner... I pretend at home that I am out of the relation but I am not... I cannot marry anyone else apart from him... I need help for this situation... to convince my parents to accept him....

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    tousif khan
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    hi u are in a relation since 1 year with a Muslim boy but are you sure they will not force you to change your religion and if they will , then will you change it ? if yes , then you can change your religion and get married to him otherwise even boy can change his relation and become Hindu to get married to you because every thing is fair in love and ware and u can marry him.

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    Hi There,

    I am posting a link for your reference. The link is in name of Dimple Khan who went through a problem almost same in nature as yours. She has shared her complete story with us on how she met her muslim guy and how she got married to him. You can as well have a look at the whole thing. Her explanations are in Hindi. Just in case if you feel any difficulty in understanding it, do let us know. Also, if you are completely unsatisfied with your response, you can come up to us.

    Kindly have a look at the following link :
    All The Best !!!
    Take Care !!!

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    Hi friend,
    Make it very clear with your bf about who is gonna change religion aftr marriage or I would suggest no need to change anybody's religion you may follow and respect both the religion, as far as convincing parents is concerned, you may read the link of Dimplekhans post where you may find each and every aspect of ua problem so kindly read it..

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