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How to break bios and system password


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    How to break bios and system password

    how can i break the BIOS and system password

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    Most of the time, breaking bios Password is very easy. All you need to remove a small battery and reinsert and your BIOS will get restored to factory settings and so do the password will get removed.

    The battery is found on mother board, small round one.

    Here is image of one :

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    is there any other way to remove bios & system password

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    Bios Password can be removed via battery reinsertion as I mentioned already. Other password depends upon what type OS or security is being used.

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    you can try clear bios with shorten two pins on your mother board. this will reset your bios to factory default too.

    how to short, you need to read the manual of your mother board since it is different model to model

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    First option to reset Admin password would be removing and reseating CMOS Battery but please be very careful because if you place the CMOS battery in the reverse direction and then restart the PC the Motherboard will crash .

    The Second option would be aplicable if the Notebook or Desktop computer boots into Safe Mode:
    Here are the steps:

    1.First reboot Windows XP in safe mode by re-starting the computer and pressing F8 repeated as the computer starts up.

    2.Then (in safe mode) click Start and then click Run. In the open box type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes - I have just used quotes to differentiate what you have to type.

    3.You will now have access to all the user accounts, including the administrators account and will be able to reset the lost password.

    4.Just click the administrators user account, and then click Reset Password.

    5.You will need to add a new password in the New password and the Confirm new password boxes, and confirm by clicking OK.

    All done, you have recovered the lost adminitrators password!

    If issue persist you need to reinstall the operating system using Disc or recovery partition.

    Please let me know if you have any queries, if issue persist please reply me I will provide alternative.

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    I've been reading this thread and wonder if it will work with this problem..... son #2 gave Mom (me) a lap-top computer. No one could remember the password on it so son #1 figured he could just over-ride the existing password with a new one - now the computer won't even boot. Will removal and replacement of battery work in this case?
    I posted this query a few minutes ago but I don't know how I got to that point on the website - very confusing - not very newbie friendly - too much on it - got lost - so you may get this query twice.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    I understand that this site can be complicated for newbie, there used to be an "ASK Question" button, but its no where now. May be that feature is not there.. Anyways, after few visits, you will understand that how these online community/forums works.

    Now about your question, if your computer asks for passwords just after turning on ie. Password is set at BIOS level and reinsertion of battery can help (but in some cases it may not work / depends upon type of motherboard).
    Regarding your computer unable to boot, can you tell me what OS was running .Was it a password asked by OS (operating system) ? Also, how did your son reset override it ?

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    This isn't a system password - it is one that the boys put on to protect their files. But when the password was forgotten, son #1 went into Bios and put in another password trying to over-ride the forgotten one, trouble is, he put it in the wrong place - he made it so that you need a password before BIOS will do its 'thing" and now it won't do anything because there is no way to get in there and fix his goof-up. As far as we know, anyway....
    Don't know if there is an answer to this or not - or did he "trash" a good laptop??

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    Re: How to break bios and system password

    Don't worry, your laptop is isn't going anywhere in trash...

    Seriously, I am not getting any idea which password you are talking about, however, at BIOS level, he can simply enter again BIOS and disable that password.

    Fixing your laptop shouldn't be hard but I need to know exactly what is the problem.. here I am not if it is BIOS password or your Laptop have some extra security feature (as I have seen in few).

    I suggest you that show it to some vendor or computer service personal and then tell me what he said (if he is unable to fix it).

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