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List total Historical monuments in agra. and names?


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    ramandra Guest

    List total Historical monuments in agra. and names?

    I am a resident of agra, I had visited the main 3-4 monuments here but, till date I don't know that exactly how many historical monuments are there in agra. I want to kinow that so, I can visit them also.
    Please provide me with the informaton. Thanks in advance.

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    Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma is offline eTI Iron
    Hi friend,
    The historical monuments in Agra are as follows:-

    1. Agra Fort
    2. Barah Khamba (tajganj agra)
    3. Chauburji, of the temporary Burial place of Emperor Babur.
    4. Chini-ka-Rauza
    5. Dakhini darwaza
    6. Firoz Khan's Tomb
    7. Gateway at Pul Changa Modi
    8. Great Idgah
    9. Itimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb
    10. Jama Masjid
    11. Jhun Jhun Katora
    12. Khans Gate
    13. Mehtab Bagh
    14. Ram Bagh Gateways
    15. Rauza Diwanji Begum and Mosque
    16. Statue of Akbar's House on the Agra-Sikandara Road.
    17. Taj Mahal
    18. Kos Minar
    19. Fatehpur Sikri
    20. Guru-ka-Tal
    21. Akbar's Tomb, gateway and walls round the ground
    22. Kanch Mahal, at the southeast corner of Akbar's Tomb
    23. Mariam's Tomb

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