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Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood


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    Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    Movie Review of Fashion

    Director : Madhur Bhandarkar
    Cast : Priyanka Chopra, Arjan Bajwa, Mugdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan, Harsh Chhaya, Sameer Soni, Kangna Ranaut, Kitu Gidwani

    We always have expectations with Madhur Bhandarkar from his movies. He maintains his own style and talk about the reality. He has his own genre where he tries to give reality a face of commercialism. This time he is with his latest movie "Fashion" on the eve of Diwali, no doubt this movie is packed with a punch to get a good response and appraisal. The movie portrays lead roles slowly moving into to the hideous, ugly world of glamor, what lies beneath those arch lights, bright flashes and glittering glamor is unfolded in known but near to life style of Madhurkar Bhandarkar.

    There are three stories going parallel in movie, the movie talk about never ending waves of human success, recession, ambition and re-emergence which is talked on the backdrop of Fashion Industry.

    As goes with name, you do not expect any kiddie flick but yes this one is one of the most sober movie of Madhurkar Bhandharkar. We have glitters, galmour and plastic smile women and lots of cloths but they are there as were required by the plot.

    The center of the movie is an ambitious girl Meghna Mathur who wanted to become a super model and comes to Mumbai against with of her father from Chandigarh. Meghna then sees the reality beneath the glamour world and she is greeted into fashion world where she had to make compromises to climb the ladder of success. She becomes a supermodel while her success turns into arrogance and she had to sacrifice a lot including his boyfriend Manav, (Arjan Bajwa), her good friend Janet (Mugdha Godse) and she loses her respect too. Victim of her own success, she starts to see recession in her career but she is not the one to accept defeat so easily.

    On the other hand, there is story about successful model Shonali (Kangana Ranaut) who had also faced the bad side of this glamor world and now she is going down to never get back. There is Janet who portraits an ambitious model but never succeed but married to a gay designer for an easy life. You will find lots of threads twisted together in the movie including gay designers, exploiting bosses and lots of catwalk and clothes.

    While, these are parts of movie but ramp, catwalk looks overdone at times. Could have been edited out easily, at 2 hrs 40 mins, movie looks little lengthy, specially in the second half where we see downfall of Meghna. The second half looks like going nowhere and hitting on nails which have been paved already. Dialogues are weak in the movie, most of the time are pretty old fashioned and predictable. I found repetitive too or may be I don't want to listen same thing over and over.

    Also, on the side of character sketches, the movie reflects reality but sometimes it takes over the relevance of the character with the story. Things becomes a bit predictive which ruins the flow and you then start caring for your patience.

    Performance wise, all roles are written to harness almost best out the characters, specially Priyanka with her expressive emotions. The encounter of Priyanaka with Kangana where she Kangana confronted in front of her about the dark side of her success and fashion world is one which will make you think twice about the truth of glittering behind the glamor world. Kangana Ranawat seems to be on same line as we so her in her previous movies but plays nice and was need of story. She just fits in the role of a disturbed model. Arbaaz Khan as an exploiting boss is ok, nothing much for him to do. Talking about Mugdha Godse (as Janet) is surely to be noted. She looks confident and delivered a good performance. The performances of Kitu Gidwani, Samir Soni, Raj Babbar, Arjan Bajwa and Ashwin Mushran stand out.

    As said, movie has lots of material packed in from love making to hot models, wardrobe malfunction, gay love, casting couch and yes talking about designer tagging clothes with their on name which have been bought from Bangkok market.

    This film is one time watch and if you like Madhurkar style then is a must watch. Just that little editing and consistency could have turned it into a gripping show.

    I give little above average and give it 3/5 .

    Do give your views and ratings.

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    waqas ahmed
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    Re: Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    us ko dekho to lagta hai aisa
    k mera b badera tha kabi mehtab par

    wo nighahe milati hai sar_e_raah aise Ahmed
    k gali koche b mykhane se lagte hai

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    waqas ahmed
    waqas ahmed is offline Just in!

    Re: Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    Dil hi to hay diwana ho gaia
    tumhay dekha tumhara ho gaia

    phir kisi ko na chaha ais nay
    jab say chahat tumhari ho gaia

    abb samjhana kia na samajh ko
    jo chata tha kerna wo ho gaia

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    vinny235 is offline Newbie

    Re: Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    The movie was not bad..but the thing is it was too predictable..acting was good songs were good..but again..plot was too predictable..nothing in comparision to Page3, which on the hindsite seemed so good at the time maybe because it was the first one of its kind..now the market is flooded with 'lets show the true face' of any glamourous job. Like chetans bhagats novel is also coming out in a movie now. but the movie neverthless deservers 3/5.

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    nishchala is offline Newbie

    Re: Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    this was not criticized as much madhur's earlier films

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    pingu789 is offline Newbie

    Re: Fashion Hindi Movie Review (2008)-Bollywood

    I found fashion a realistic mivie

  7. Advert.

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    rambof07 is offline Just in!
    Movie is totally based on the fashion world how it's running and what compromisation they are doing to get a chance. Great movie ......presenting the face of modern world.

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