Dear Members,

eTI is a growing Indian Community. Thousands of people visit eTI daily. Many people visit eTI and many joins daily. eTI is a great platform to exchange thoughts and gain knowledge. However, growing means more spams. There are some people who visit eTI only for the purpose of spamming. Thus, spoiling the quality as well decorum of the eTI forums.

Hence we have decided to invite our valuable members to come forward and be part of eTI as Moderator. As Moderator you can remove, move or modify those unwanted or spam posts which hurts eTI's decorum. Being Moderator is a Voluntarily task and you will never be forced to do your part.

You can be Moderator of any section which you like. Most probably, if a person is interested in Fashion then can be moderator of that section, likewise computer guy can Moderator Computer section.

Hence those who are interested to be Moderator at eTI can send PM to me.As Moderator you are not forced to patrol eTI without your will but atleast visiting eTI once daily is required. All you need to do is use eTI normal to find answer, solve questions or help others and if you find anything suspicious then use your Moderating power to fix it.

You have to PM me ie. send private Message to me if you are interested as the privileged member of eTI ie. Moderator.

Please do not forget to mention that what encouraged you to become eTI moderator as well some views about current eTalkindia forums are also adviced. They may include pros-cons of eTI.

Thank you!
eTI Admin